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  • dradubu dradubu Aug 11, 2013 7:16 PM Flag

    Barron's Andrew Bary vs. Senior Analysis from Raymond James and Wellsfargo

    I'am placing my money on Raymond James and Wells Fargo they both have reconfirm Buy Rating on LINE after CC Thuresday. Beleive they have more knowledge of LINE's Accounting, SEC, and BRY merger than a Liberal type journalist. They think with S-4 amended SEC Filing the Merge will be approved by the SEC or they would not refile amended S-4 NOW.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Andrew Bary said in a Barrons piece about a year ago that Facebook was worth no more than $15..It closed Friday at $38.50...up 156% from his valuation. So much for the credibility of a Princeton History major. If his record remains intact, LINE will be at $64 a year from now.

    • book value is not an indication of any firm's value. It could be more, less or whatever. Bary is one of the #$%$ along with Hedgeye. Shame Line did so poorly on their drilling decisions in last couple quarters. I think ability to drill good wells is far more important than the payout. I would be happy if they decided to cut the distribution but drilled good wells. The morons writing articles should be saying that instead of basing value on book value. I don't know if SEC will let LINE out of the penalty box in time to make Barron's look bad or if the shorts will be able to destroy the company as they have many other firms of this size in recent years (without an uptick rule).

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      • rusty - Agreed, book value is meaningless in this case. What is the "book value" of Apple or Facebook....true value might be better arrived at doing a sum of the parts valuation using recent public and private market transactions of similar assets. The hedges can be easily valued. Of course, there is a premium for the LLC structure (pass thru entity) versus putting those same assets in a c-corp.

        Hedgeye folks clearly are clueless, though Linn has stumbled mightily and given Hedgeye plenty of ammunition with their ineptness in the Hogshooter, recent acquisitions which have backfired, lack of coverage ratio and now desperate attempts to grab Berry to plug the gaps in DCF. I guess the guys at Hedgeye got lucky on this one. While they may have been off target, Linn management made them look like geniuses..

      • Yes, of course book value is irrelevant. He may know that, and it was a coincidence, he just tossed that out, like "I don't believe LINE is worth more than $18, which happens to be the book value". If he actually said it was worth $18 BASED ON book value, then he's even more ignorant than he's previously led me to believe.

        In any case, what business of it of Barron's to pile on like this? To repeat the same story three times now? One might think they were biased, but surely the press is independent? Surely.

      • True By their definition PFE is worth about 12 bucks .. He knows less about what may be in LINE s pipeline as PFEs pipeline , so called

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