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  • zbgb952 zbgb952 Sep 19, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    hey LizaHuang ... read this...

    Do you still own this ***thing***?

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    • This guy gets paid "per click" for everyone that reads it. The more sensational, the more readers. Think of it in terms of "The National Enquirer" placed at checkout lines with sensational headlines that, more often than not, are distortions. How many times has Jennifer Aniston been pregnant ?? 10, 20 or more times ?

    • spartacusad Sep 19, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

      James K should be removed from SA, but he gets paid for every response. He is nothing more than a hack, trying to sell subscriptions to his "supposed news letter." He writes sensational headlines..and I think scares some so-called investors.

      As far as Line & LNCO are concerned, I added a little more today. Not sure the BRY deal is a lock to go through, but we'll see. I have spoken to IR many times. They've always been able to answer my questions..I firmly believe investors were not mislead in any way, shape or form.

    • thing I ever saw you write........thanks........

    • Why are you telling me to read it? I did read it btw and just from the language used you can tell it's scare tactics from someone with an axe to grind. That guy has a long history of bashing MLPs and last year he was advising to sell everything because he said the S&P was going to revisit the 2009 lows by mid last year. The writer is a fraud but good at writing scary sounding headlines and articles. I didn't see any admission of misleading investors. Did you?

      Here's an opposing view:
      ""In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the oil and gas producer made changes to the way it defines and calculates cash flow. Raymond James analyst Kevin Smith said the rewiring does not change Linn's underlying cash flow.
      Meaning there is a lot of heartache going on but no change in the company's ability to pay its distribution or how much cash flow Linn actually generates," he said"

    • With all due respect, you, Sir, should take a few hours and read the entire S-4 (it's available on the Linn Energy website). Then think for another few hours about what it says and what it doesn't say. And then take several more hours to figure out how to formulate an intelligent, considered opinion about the S-4, Linn Energy, the strategic fit and strategic rationale for the merger with Berry, and figure out what a $3.85 annual distribution per share is worth to the current Berry shareholders and what a secure $3.08 distribution is worth to the current Linn Energy unit holders, and then spend another half hour writing an intelligent, worthwhile, and carefully reasoned post for the LINE message board.

    • I still own it and am going to buy more. So what's new in that article that Hedgeye hasn't already brought out? There's nothing from the SEC, no "directives" to LINE regarding anything from the SEC, and regardless of the price, the BRY deal is going through. Old news trying to scare old people and their retirement funds away to make a buck. Keep shorting at this level - which is still filling the gap. Let it go back down under $25 before options to meet "Max Pain".... and for the next 3 months until this deal is consummated, I'm going to keep collecting 10%+ to wait for the price to adjust from "Ex-Hockey Player Analysis" to "Real World Prices" as seen by some of the worlds leading firms and investors. Remember, there's a reason ole' Leon is a multi-Billionaire.

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