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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 11, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

    OT - Business open on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter - No One

    Given reality a Truman Democrat recommends a law for triple time for every hour worked.

    Years ago, like Jon Stewart, I was a buss boy. I do not know if Jon ever had to work on Thanksgiving or if he washed dishes. But I would say the American from Greece who owned the chain dinner made sure every associate that worked that day went home with a truly massive Butterball Turkey. He made every effort that every person working on Thanksgiving was a volunteer. He also made every effort that associates pressed into service were on no more than a four hour shift.

    Looking back there are many lonely Americans in dinners on Thanksgiving. A little good cheer is worth a great deal.

    In this case a hard nosed restaurant manager sent a poor student home with three massive turkeys. How learned to cook turkey.

    Nor was I surprised years later that the chain without the culture of it's founder and leader went bankrupt. Numbers are a tool to quantify but figuring remains a tool. Character determines purpose.

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    • Given reality
      Truman Democrats believe that the pursuit of American national interests (as defined by liberals - this means they include not just security and American material interests, but also our values and the well-being of all humans) requires, in no particular order:
      1.Active American involvement in the world, with all our tools of power
      *2.The promotion of real liberal democracy*
      3.Robust military and intelligence capabilities
      4.Strong alliances and active involvement in international organizations
      5.Legitimate international behavior
      6.Free trade
      7.International development
      8.Comprehensive policy coordination

      Many of you will read this list and agree with each of these beliefs. Then welcome, you are part of the Truman Democratic movement

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      • No surprise from a defective character who would support starving human beings for Progressive defective corn ethanol corruption opinion id.

        Truman - a Southern Democrat - DE-segregated the American military based on an executive order. He was equipped to make and sustain his executive order by the superior example of service by Americans of many skin pigment levels.

        The evil racist and racial supremacist; like Marx, Democrat Progressive Wilson had segregated our military and civil service just a generation before.

        FDR (racists collectivist) was forced to replace his VP Henry Wallace with Truman. As a true journalist had exposed Wallace was not only a delusional communist. But one delusional enough to believe in Stalin or man of steel.

        " The Employment Act of 1946 created the CEA to help the President formulate economic policy; liberal Democrats in Congress particularly wanted the CEA to be a preserve for progressives and liberal New Dealers. Truman instead staffed the CEA with a mix of conservatives and liberals, although the liberal Leon Keyserling ran the CEA after November 1949 and worked closely with Truman. More importantly, Truman treated the CEA as a set of presidential advisers, rather than as an independent body, and made sure that it remained under his control."

        n 1950, the Senate, led by Estes Kefauver, investigated numerous charges of corruption among senior administration officials, some of whom received fur coats and deep freezers in exchange for favors. A large number of employees of the Internal Revenue Bureau (today the IRS) were accepting bribes; 166 employees either resigned or were fired in 1950,[152] with many soon facing indictment. When Attorney General J. Howard McGrath fired the special prosecutor in early 1952 for being too zealous, Truman fired McGrath.[153] Truman submitted a reorganization plan to reform the IRB; Congress passed it, but the corruption was a major issue in the 1952 presidential election.[154][155]

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