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  • ronharv ronharv Jan 28, 2014 11:02 AM Flag

    Respect for Readers

    I find it hard to take seriously posts on this board and most others that impede communication because they're rushed.

    If the writer is so cavalier about clarity or even basic proofreading, I wonder why a reader should take the trouble to decode and respond. (I do sing praises to the Ignore option.) I realize that I'm a curmudgeonly nitpicker in a world of thumb-driven e-mailers, but it does pain me to see the English language unnecessarily mangled and coherence torpedoed. If one is hoping to communicate, why not make a small effort to do it right? (143 red thumbs for this, I suppose.)

    And here's a repeat of the LINE/LNCO tune I've been singing for a while now. If you believe as I do that the twins are headed for as high as 38 to 40 in 2014, why not take a gander at the Jan., 2015 call options? I like in-the-money calls (I have 70 of LNCO's 28s) for several reasons, but there are other flavors from which to choose, including really stretching out to 2016.

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    • I've been into the Jan 2015's (strike 25) since sometime last year. It's been good so far. :)

    • Poor Ron^3 is not reading my posts again!

      Look I make my living by investing in all sorts of stuff. Not that it matters but my returns for the last five years in my active equities account exceeds 25%. Microsoft and LINE coming through really made a difference.

      It would be far better if Stagg the Corn monster and the OLB did not wait a while and re-post all their discredited dissembluing. It is all a waste of my time. I gain nothing personally by being forced to address the return of the legions of the mental undead time and time again. Except it is my Duty as an American who strives to be a Patriot to guard every ones God Gifted Liberty.

      The real question is why Ron^3 and the entire OLB does not have enough respect for fellow Americans to offer informed opinions.

      The fact that they have plenty of time to type up their delusions in serive of their hubris is not a point of civility. It is what spoiled children do.

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