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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Jan 28, 2014 11:48 AM Flag


    Does anyone have any info on Linn's Mississippi Lime farm-out which is mentioned in their presentation?

    Since there is some pretty interesting info from a recent MF article:

    "So why is SandRidge focused on the Mid-Continent?
    SandRidge's Mid-Continent assets are located in the Mississippian-Woodford Trend along the Kansas-Oklahoma border.

    The Mississippian-Woodford Trend houses a stacked play with multiple layers, much like the Bakken-Three Forks region in North Dakota.

    To get an idea of what the Woodford could potentially hold, SandRidge is going to utilize 3-D seismic imaging in Grant County, Okla. 3-D seismic images, combined with production rates from appraisal wells it just completed, will paint a clearer picture of just how much recoverable resources are within reach.

    After divesting assets in the Permian Basin and the Gulf of Mexico, SandRidge is betting everything on this play. While it projects overall output to rise by 37%, liquids production could trump that by growing 52%, providing a better production mix if management can meet its own guidance."

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    • Hi Sand,

      You are my and really the board source on this type of information. It seems to me the technology is improving so fast that the definition of a stacked play has change. What new shale play is not stacked?

      It is also seems with the development of the co2 flush one hole gets recompleted to the next pool as ordinary production now. I would also note that Sandridge taking the risk on ngls and pricing holding up is bold. We all know how the natural gas industry was burned on it.

      BUt the first tier refiners like VLO are still developing their sourcing supply chain. Pipes which can deliver y grade to plant are going in as well as the final connection to the fuel refiner.

      It is all far greater Providence than any rational person imagined. We really need to end the corn ethanol insanity so our American ngls get blended into our gasoline. Less pollution, better mpg and much lower cost.

      LINe owners have no interest in allowing corn ethanol to once again force the ngl markets into economic dislocation.

      But that does not mean the monster and it's children of the corn will not return. Attempted deception is what they do in this life. Sad but it is their choice.

      Imagine a real or just noraml American economic recovery. American NGLs priced rationally to oil BTUs. But still at a huge discount due to the cost of transport. We would all get back to valuing based on economic demand rather than what the Progressives are going to do next to slow it all down.

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