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  • But the delusion behind legalization is that this is a drug which can be used daily with no deleterious long term personal costs. When in fact regular use; given the very slow elimination from the brain – 30 days+, is very dangerous to human potential and even human connection.
    Sure the Jon Stewart audience can wake up and flip burgers and do their government jobs while smoking every day. Maybe even get good enough Cs rather than excel. Atlas Shrugs.
    A cog in the Progressive machine passively doing its function for the collective. Always laughing at the silliness of the political circus of the other side. Jon is sharp, quick and funny so it is entertaining but his world never does change. Just the audience cycling though so it is always pretty young and therefore libertine.
    Pot is something very different than a glass of wine with dinner or three or four beers during the game. Hopefully with lots of grilled and BBQ food. The game maybe a bit more riotous experience but it is a shared experience.
    Folks laughing at the pot circle on that 70s show do understand the point. That is why it was funny. But the pot now would have them beyond even verbalization and their brain would carry a much higher dose for at least 30 days. Something we accepted with the Scooby Doo cartoon stoner and talking dog. The stoner was pretty harmless, amusing and pointless.
    If Progressives are going to promote legalization; if they had honor, they would make sure everyone understood the true nature of the drug. As it is today rather than their distorted 70s memories generations ago..
    There are always costs to being a libertine. Costs to civilized society forced to pick them up and carry them along.
    Pot is not a drug which should be normalized like alcohol. Without great care it does take individual liberty and destroys individual potential. A small sliver at a time. Time being what it steals and it cannot be given or taken back.

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    • well here's the thing Norris, I've lived in dry counties and counties that let you sell alchol and that seems to work just fine, biz and people seem to leave the dry counties and move to counties that sell liquor but that is up the the locals to vote on right. So how's about stopping the centralized planning comrade - the fed gov has no biz regulating recreational drugs, opining on abortion, deciding who can marry who, having an education dept, subsidizing farmer, picking winners and losers, wasting money fighting wars with no plan how to win etc, etc.

    • PHOT and HEMP stock price were both up today- guess the stock market is going to pot???

    • FWIW. I wrote a lengthy reply supporting norris, including reference to an NIH website for some objective science on the subject. Yahoo deleted the entire message. In any case, I'd suggest those interested in some science about THC, etc., check out the National Institutes of Health website.

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      • isn't it interesting that cannabinoid receptors are distributed throughout the body, not just the brain? That explains the powerful effects of marijuana on memory and pain. But you won't find much about that on the NIH website- research into the effect of marijuana is largely prohibited in the US, and the NIH is the research arm of a government that continues to prosecute a very aggressive war on drugs against marijuana. Despite the fact that marijuana is one of nature's most potent painkillers (second only perhaps to opium, which is addictive, unlike marijuana), much remains to be learned about the effects of marijuana and its cannabinoids on the human body-

        So it is left to countries like Israel and Holland to discover new strains of marijuana lacking potency in THC (the cannabinoid that "gets you high") but high in CBD (a potent antiinflammatory and pain relieving cannabinoid in some indica strains of pot)

        Nor will musicians agree that marijuana is mentally debilitating- rather, that it focuses the senses, allows one to play fully engaged in the moment (isn't that something, given our culture's preoccupation with worrying about the past or thinking about the future, instead of being here now).

        Yes habituated pot users who indulge heavily and regularly can become "burnt out", paranoid, and a bit more prone to bronchitis. But Alcohol abuse exacts a far heavier toll- just look at the statistics of health care costs of alcohol and marijuana. And the deleterious mental effects of marijuana wear off in a day or two at most, so weekend tokers can function optimally in mentally demanding careers while using pot to relax, to treat medical conditions, as an aphrodisiac, to enjoy nature and music, whatever.

        I would be very interested to read a double-blind placebo controlled study assessing the effect of marijuana on "happiness quotient" (or Gross National Happiness)- but you won't find that at the NIH website

      • Hi Fred,

        Thank you. Do a good careful job that makes the point and it will be deleted and blocked. Part of OLB games blocking frees speech but some of it seems to be Yahoo.

        If it gets any worse there are plenty of other options for reasoning fair minded Americans.

      • have you read the science on how thc may repair some brain damage in pro fighters and football players and other athletic people ?

    • Seriously? Have you been imbibing a bit too much of the corn-fermented product you so loathe? :)

      alcohol is far more damaging to society than marijuana. Have you compared the rates of acoholism and alcohol-related deaths in the US, and the associated cost to society, to that from cannabis? Have you seen estimates of the increase in tax revenues, or the reduced costs to the judicial and law enforcement and penal systems, from not putting pot smokers behind bars? Or the reduced revenue to organized crime?

      busting a stoner is a huge waste- they lose their job (reduced tax revenues) and get thrown in jail (cost to taxpayer: ~$50,000/yr) while drug cartels tearing up border deserts trafficking and national forests growing pot.

      Did you know that countries that have liberalized pot laws have not seen increased numbers of users?

      Are you aware of the proven medicinal applications of cannabis?

      legalization would reduce crime, increase government revenue, reduce the drain on the economy and the long term impact on tokers lives caused by allocating resources to bust them, without leading to further use

      those stoners who smoke themselves into oblivion will do it if it's legal or not, so might as well have a regulated, revenue-generating, job-promoting market that delivers product free of mold, chemicals, insect debris, and crime gang profit

    • Norris, GREAT POST!

    • I beg to differ with opinions are like. AS a former pot head in my ute . Pot is at least psychologically addictive it was very hard for me to quit . I wanted to and struggled with quitting for two tears .
      Norris makes an excellent point . It is very deleterious , mostly it takes away ambition . MOst people outgrow their pot usage , the ones my age who still use it regularly are always low achievers and typically on the dole

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      • Psychologically addictive. Big difference in being a addict that their body craves a drug.
        Sorry about your struggles. But if you don't want to quit then you never will.
        Again mostly takes away ambition. Lets see were you a very ambitious person to begin with?
        I know people that say just the opposite. Here again it depends on the person.
        Just like drinking. You have your happy drunks and then you have your mean drunks.
        The ones your age that still use it, you say they are always low achievers, Well more then likely they were low achivers, when they didn't use pot. But it gives them an excuse or should I say a way out to blame something else instead of themselves.

      • Anything abused is dangerous - heroin, cocaine, alcohol, prescription drugs, food, vitamins. The physical addictions of the first 5 make them more dangerous than the last 2, with alcohol the most dangerous for addiction in terms of detox potential effects.
        However our society seems to believe that alcohol is safer for use than pot because of the current legality. Both can be abused and detrimental to the user. Both can also be used in moderation and have little effect to the user.
        Norris is (i suspect) from a generation previous to the 70's and one we mock generally on southpark "drugs are bad m'kay!" And posts silliness in terms of pot. Not all users are daily abusers.

    • Ever read Huxley? In the 60's it was "drugs, sex and rock & roll". People who extolled this thought believed themselves to be "anti establishment and liberated". In actuality, the "establishment" may need a Soma to keep the masses placated and under control by creating beta intellects.

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      • Bit to young for Huxley but am aware.

        You are quite right the communists did nearly beat Liberty with drugs. The Soviets were very sure they were about to win the cold war on our social decadence until Reagan arrived. But back them we still had plenty of working class individualist Democrats.

        They were not Reagan Democrats. They were still individualists. They would rather have had an individualist Democrat to vote for. Truman Kennedy for example.

    • But the delusion behind legalization is that this is a drug which can be used daily with no deleterious long term personal costs. When in fact regular use; given the very slow elimination from the brain – 30 days+, is very dangerous to human potential and even human connection.

      This is a proven fact?

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