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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Jan 31, 2014 5:56 PM Flag

    Drought in california

    There are 17 counties or cities I can't remember which it was. That in 100 days will be out of water. But Norris sits there and says no drought this is normal. The rainy snow season and you have wild fires Sana ana winds blowing and a drought. I would say you have a shift in whether patterns going on. We have snow and now rain and a shift in whether patterns. I have lived on this beach since 1973. And have never seen back to back snow storms. With the second one giving us 10 inches of snow, We have plenty of water and snow.

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    • LINE, through its merger with BRY, now has large position in Monterey shale in California, What impact will water rationing have on development of this resource ? Fracking is water intensive and if they shut off farmers I would have to believe they will shut off oil/nat gas drillers also. Don't really care whether drought is climate change related or naturally occuring or due to over population of desert Southwest. Only how it affects my wallet.

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      • None in the longer term.

        There is no way the government pensions can be paid without massive energy development and the royalties.

        Detriot was just a bit further advanced on the bankruptcy thing.

        As we can all see private industry can figure out solutions even with the devastating drought in Texas.

        BUt the dissembling evnironmentalist out here know destroying rational water management is their best shot at blocking developement.

        Just a matter of time. The oil and gas is not going anywhere.

        It was environmentalists who threw the world into choas with corn ethanol
        It was environmentalists who caused Yellowstone to burn down all at once.

        A deadly combination of delusion, ignorance, arrogance and a willingness to decieve for the 'cause'. Hubris.

        Droughts happen. Dust Bowl was long and extreme. Yet odds always favor a return to the average by Progressive style bet with the collectivie house odds.

    • Now Stag's Opie,

      The not so distant history like 500 years ago California had an extreme drought for over 100 years.

      There is also the ever increasing lunacy of managing the second most engineered water system in America. Releasing huge amounts of water to encourage the salmon to run when the ocean is known to be to warm is insignificant in the totality of the Progressive lunacy.
      The fine weather continued into the middle of August when another frost occurred over interior New York and all of New England damaging many crops. Then on the 20th a strong cold front crossed the Northeast with violent thunderstorms. Reports of temperatures falling 30 degrees after frontal passage were not uncommon. Frost was reported the next day as far south as Massachusetts with snow reported on Mt Moosilouke in New Hampshire. Corn was destroyed from Albany to Boston. If that cold spell wasn’t enough, it all came to an end on the 28th when another strong cold front crossed the Northeast with severe frost that ended the growing season in most of Northern New England.

      The consequences of this season were harsh. Only a third to a fourth of the hay was cut with only 10 percent of the crop harvested in some areas. Orchard yields ranged from barren to moderate but enough grains, wheat, and potatoes were harvested to prevent a famine but hardships did occur. There were reports of people eating raccoons, pigeons, and mackerel. Corn prices rose from $1.00 a bushel to nearly $3.00 a bushel. With crop failure and the shortage of hay, farmers turned to selling their cows and pigs which drove the price of meat down. With so much meat on the market beef prices dropped from $15.50 to $7.50 a barrel with pork falling from $16 to $4 a barrel.

      So what caused this unusual weather during the summer of 1816? Some believe it was caused by sinners while some even blamed it on Benjamin Franklin’s lightning rod experiments. However, climate data obtained from trees, ice cores, marine sediment and h

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      • All this weather remains in a normal distribution. So the meteorologist can and do predict it. They have seen these patterns before in modern history.

        What we have is the primitive religion of the Progressives taking out the science in system design to handle events toward the tail ends of a normal distribution. It is not just California, for we are depleting water reserves to flush or flood our highly engineer water systems to make them more ‘natural’. Even though the ‘science’ and common sense shows this is of no benefit, causes huge amounts of problems and destabilizes economically critical water reserves.
        It is very Sad. Progressives can win elections with digital age micro targeting the unaware, so easily emotionally manipulated. But when it comes to policies they are stuck in 1930’s Stalinist theories. The resulting misallocation of the ‘stimulus’ let alone the corruption means there is nothing to show. Obamacare is failure for it was designed for political not outcome success.
        The good news is our generation still in k-12 do not believe in Global Warming or government solutions. What they do not know thanks to collectivists wrecking our school system is why the failure of Obama and collectivism was completely predictable.
        Hopefully Jon Stewart has embarked on a personal adventure of discovery.
        We know why all the Global Warming models which made the head lines were wrong. Simple human corruption which scared off those doing real science with the denier or GW heretic label.
        While a nasty and unacceptable outcome the failure of our system under collectivism is and was completely predictable. Nothing counter intuitive to informed American common sense or the most basic study of philosophy. Philosophy; as usual, was not required as informed common sense would solve the problem. Actually Reformist common sense which accepts it must strive to be honest, fair and Just.

    • Are you really so uninformed as to believe that across the planet's multi-billion year history that macro and micro climates have not constantly changed because they are inherently dynamic in nature? Of thousands of geologic examples alone here's a hint - upstate NY's finger lakes. Instead of parroting slogans that you read on bumper stickers do a little research on the correlation between solar activity and climate volatility. Then as a good (and of course uninformed) liberal please purchase some of Al Gore's carbon credits to make yourself feel better - and him a little more wealthy. Final thought: Do you think that a rapidly increasing California population using an increasing amount of water would have any effect on a diminishing supply of water? Good luck.

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      • Elaine, don't go confusing them with facts.

      • Bottom line, just to damn many people and getting worse. Anything and everything that ever dwelled on this earth that got to overpopulated as we have, nature has always found a way to thin them out, and our turn is at hand. Think of the resources we have destroyed in only the last 75 years, common sense tells the fool that this will not continue. gl

      • YOur points are valid. BUt the same clowns who burned down Yellowstone due to childish unscientific policy are in control of the water system.

        If the system was run by science based engineers taking into account all needs within a rational frame work drought would still occur. But they could and would be managed efficiently.

        But we have primitive religion radicals appointed by a super majority Progressive political collective actually trying to create shortages. So they can end lawns and then all other landscaping. In their wildest dreads they eliminate the single family home.

        It is never mismanagement but GW. Very handy and served by a dishonorable press taking down opinions rather than accepting the challenge to be a journalist.

        Ah the old days of hard drinking journalists because truth came before the career and the corporate suits. Plus the internal conflict when it was better for the country to hold something back.

      • did I say it was global warming. No I didn't did I elain. I said whether patterns have changed. If you saw the news last night orange farmers are worried about losing 20 year old trees that are at their prime production age. As well some of the lakes look like barron landscapes. Lack of rain during rainy season is not good, especially when the sana anas start blowing.
        So this drought has the potential to be as bad as the Midwest drought. So keep that in mind when you go shopping later this year.