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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 3, 2014 10:53 AM Flag

    Drought in California California Department of Water Resources Natural Resources Agenc y State of California

    Nice real data form the Department of Water resources.

    This has a very long way to go before it is as bad as the mid 1920s.

    Great chart shows how variable precipitation is in this state.


    How variable it is with in a year.


    What teh JOn Stewat collectivists do is disrupt science and mature management.

    What they demand is that water consumption equal drought conditions. So the water can 'flow naturally'. Just primitive earth paganism.

    Now Job Stewart did claim something which bothered me more. Despite he and the PhD. Varney/ Mr. Gutfelt gestalt repreatedly demostrating word usage in the tiny groupy of TV talking heads is like bad teenage fashion.

    Yet Job Stewart replayed the MSNBC claim that over use of the word thug demostrated deep systemic racism.

    But it was Rushie who understood and logically explained how a extremely intelligent and well spoken young Ameriman could appear so out of control. The systemic racism is in fact blowing what occurred out of all proportion by the media in all directions. The real problem is dehumization of individuals by the media.
    Interesting that I just happened in to Rushie’s explanation. I usually listen to the PBS classic station out of LA.

    As for all the internet 'racism' There are always the lunatics like the OLB. There is staged nonsense like the B&B in Britian which did not rent single bed rooms to any unmarried couple.

    I have come to believe most of the insanity is not racists but the collectivists posting to make it appear so.

    I regularly listen to a bunch of very diverse and honor student teenages discuss things. They are simply comfortible with true cultural differences. Like using the stove for kitchen storage. Yet the JOb Stewart age collectivists would have them all off to sensititivity indoctrination. Well the tiny minority of young white men.

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    • Board members...the fact is, that California has a 'bone dry history' has had many multiple droughts that have lasted 10 to 20 years in the past millennium...'one in 850 A.D lasted for 240 years'...more, the average rainfall for California is 22 in. a year which is near the bottom of the U.S. average (rainfall in California was 7.3 in. 2013)... the drought in California does not have anything to do with Obama, ethanol or anything else... it is due to a long area of high pressure that has been parked off of the west coast for 13 months and it is blocking Pacific storms from delivering rain to California (source of information is TIME mag, 02/10/14, page10)...! $tagg...!

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      • Stag the Corn monster I posted I posted the modern data series from the Department of Water Resources.

        No need for your delusions and myths.

        But the very real question is what would happen if American had another drought like the Dust Bowl?

        Yes we are currenlty releasing huge volumes of water down the MIssissippi watershed for a minic 'nature' delusion.

        As result a great deal of the recent flooding and drought along the watershed has been avoidable with rational resource management.

        Oh by the way like the nyZt, aware folks have long understood Time mag is a political rag. Which is why it is in reality already bankrupt. Is it even in print anymore?

        Plus averages mean nothing here. The Sierra cast a vast rain shadow over the rest of the Western US. Creating an ideal situation for water management. Not just concetration of water but typically a nice long heavy snow melt. In the valley there are no summer rains let alone dependable summer rains as Blesses our Midwest.

        My goodenss you really are one shameless and tireless delude.

        Yes high pressure systems cause draughts. BUt in California the Boy and Girl ocean currents generally are the cause for sustained high pressure in the atmosphere.

        Title: The 1976 and 1977 drought in California: extent and severity
        Document Type: Journal
        Author(s): Shelton, M.L.
        Publication Year: 1977
        Description: 'Many stations in California experienced their most severe drought of this century during the 1976 and 1977 precipitation years. The unseasonably dry weather adversely affected agriculture, recreation, and water supplies throughout the state...'
        Citation: Shelton, M. L. 1977. The 1976 and 1977 drought in California: extent and severity. Weatherwise, v. 30, no. 4, p. 139-146, 153.
        Cataloging Information:

        Yea it was cold in the rest of the country back then too. Gee can we predict the weather based on past

        patterns or is it really the end of the earth due to GW as the Progressives claim. ;)

        Like Joe B said. Correct.

      • the Baja has desalination plants I can see los angeles building a plant

    • for any who can read with an open mind , the sweet sound of truth and reason is in your post . thanks for taking the time to try to educate the brainwashed.
      what goebels said about lies does nt apply to the truth

    • But it was Rushie who understood and logically explained how a extremely intelligent
      You mean Limbaugh that couldn't admit he was addicted to Vicoden!!!!

      This has nothing to do with pagans, collectivist or progressives. It has to do with 3 years now with lack of rain.
      400 plus wild fires in the month of January alone.

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      • Normal variability of weather and a fine young articulate Ameriman getting stereotyped is the same mechanism of the Progressive delusion.
        The weather will do what it does.
        But the bright future of a good young Ameriman could be dimmed by this game playing.
        What happened is not the same as the drunken great white behemoth scaring average Americans in a neighborhood bar. Not the same at all.
        But it is the low awareness Progressives and not the traditional American individualists who do not understand the difference.
        These sport casters are interviewing very young and passionate men. Sports is not all that important. No reason to play gottacha. The behemoth is fair game.
        The producer has the choice to go for ratings with something which meant nothing or do the right thing and cut away.
        The only person I heard explain it properly was Rushie. I like Rushie but mostly I listen to music now.
        Don’t give the ratings whores the ratings and they will behave more like common sense Americans.

        Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations is built on individual rationality. Which is not free of personal virtue and therefore morality.

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