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  • johns.patrick johns.patrick Feb 4, 2014 12:38 PM Flag

    how many feel Norris is a huge beneficiary of progressive policies he would have been against back in the day

    Norris, no way you paid enough in for your SS and Medicare so how about giving a little love to the policies that allow you to sit around all day and type on the government developed internet while you collect your unpaid for gov subsidies

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    • It is funny that Obama whines about the wealth gap and wants everyone to make the same amount of money, while his Fed pumping has made this gap far worse over the past five years than it was even in the 70s.
      Maybe he should concentrate on jobs and stop stifling small business, also for big business eliminating the corp. tax would level the playing field and not force employers to cut pay or jobs, increase prices to pay for all of the absurd taxes or keep money abroad as a shelter from double and triple taxation.
      Growth is the only way out of this mess called obamanomics and $17 TRILLION in debt.

    • This is a terrible thread. Someone delete it. You're a bunch of idiots who scream at each other even though you have no idea what you're saying. Fill yourselves with foxnews/msnbc TV nonsense arguments and then you come and puke it all over the internet. Go away.

    • This is absurd that a pointless post like this gets 60 replies when an intelligent post debating Linn energy gets one or two. Can't you morons get a chat room and stop cluttering up an investment board with this nonsense.

    • You can waste your time arguing about the various aspects of America in decline or you can accept that the country is in a flaming and irrecoverable yaw spin thanks (mostly) to the so-called 'progressives'. Step two is to take the decision to live abroad in financial comfort and in a much less regulated / stressful environment. If you can't fight city hall then why would you want to fight an immeasurably more powerful and increasingly intrusive federal government? Why waste your time participating in America's societal decay? The American political trend line seems clear - socialism á la Argentina. Give legal status to those who broke our immigration laws and then it will soon truly be over - game, set, match. Go to their countries and live in comparative luxury. I have been doing this for many years. Leverage your dollars and apply force multipliers. Life is short.

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      • Personally, I love this country and will continue to fight for it until my dying breath. I am sure that there are millions & millions of loyal Americans who feel the same way. I still have children and grandchildren that I want to see enjoy this wonderful country of ours. If you are willing to give up on it that easily, you are part of the problem. Don't let the door hit you in the backside on the way out.

    • After I pointed out that U.S. healthcare ranks very low among the World's industrialized nations, Norris implied I was wrong by saying:
      "The world benefits or did benefit for America's vest technological superiority in health technoloy.
      People from around travel here for treatment when it is serious."
      As I stated, it is a fact that US healthcare ranks so low, and it's because so many Americans can't afford healthcare. Obamacare will help solve that.
      I didn't say U.S. doctors are not good. I didn't say our technology is not good. I said our healthcare ranks poorly because so many people don't get the treatment they need. Without treatment they die, or continue to suffer. If so many people can't afford treatment by those good doctors and can't afford that great technology, then you can't say we have a good healthcare system. It's embarrassing that we rank so low. But Norris can't seem to accept the facts. Just look it up, Norris.

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      • Gene, the reason that the US does not deliver the outcome that the expenditure on med deserves, is that you practise defensive medicine. That is the doctors have to cover every base , even though they know the expensive tests are a waste of money. Get rid of the crazy tort laws and only sue a doctor in the case of gross negligence, and you will save 15% to 20 % of your medical costs. Doubt if the insurance companies and lawyers will allow your congress to even consider this. By the way this is the way the rest of the world works with medical litigation.

      • I WHOLEHEARTEDLY DISAGREE with your entire post. ESPECIALLY the part about Obamacare solving the number of people being able to afford our current system. It has already been proven by the non-partisan Government Accounting Office that there will be AT LEAST as many people left uninsured AFTER Obamacare as there were before. Not to even mention the part about OBAMACARE providing the beginning of the end to the most advanced healthcare system this planet has ever seen. At this point, it should be perfectly obvious to even people with limited mental capacity (take that for what it's worth) that Obamacare is nothing more than a Progressive attempt at government control over 1/6 of our national economy. Since this Administration has obviously lied to the American public every step of the way to get us to this point, how can ANYONE possibly believe that ANY of this is in their best interest?

    • Nobody is a beneficiary of progressive policies.

    • I think I will just keep him and his convoluted musings on ignore.

    • I know many people who are receiving 2300 per month from SS.X 12 months is close to $30,000.00 yearly .... tax free ... not to mention the cost of medicare. If the person lives 20 years, that is more than $600,000.00 tax free. No wayanybody has paid even a small fracion of that amount into the system. SS was designed to take care of people who have very little money. By the way ... there is no floor on SS ... a friend oof mine gets less than $200.00 per month.

    • How could ANYONE'S life possibly be shallow enough or meaningless enough to waste ONE SECOND on such a completely meaningless topic ?

    • Colonel & condo - I don't care how well you invest, if you are already retired then you never put enough money into the system to pay for your SS and Medicare (assuming you collect for about 20 years). More than that, if it weren't for medicare you wouldn't be able to get insurance at all right now (again assuming you have some pre-existing conditions - and of course pre affordable health care act). The rates and ages were set up when you were expected to die a couple years after you started claiming, they didn't start fixing that until the Reagon admin, I'm 47 and working to pay for your benefits, so your welcome.

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      • dadnorris1 Feb 5, 2014 6:51 AM Flag

        Jon you are so unaware you have no idea of how completely ignorant you are.

        Just about every one who is not collecting benefits already will pay more into SS than they will get out. It was a pay as collectivist system goes. Politicos get votes today by giving away current tax payer money to other people. The bill comes due later which is today.

        The system is paying out more than it is taking in today. The 'trust fund' is just another Progressive scam. Filled with non-marketible IOUS which can only be redeemed with more taxes, more borrowing or more printing. Of course the Obama agenda has crowded that all out as policy.

        Now the primary problem with the bankruptcy of our health system is government mandates. Loading the cost of the uninsured onto people's insurance. Consumers can not drive efficiency because the hidden taxes have created a mess just like college tution.

        Reagan and the Democrats did not 'fix' either entitlement. Which is why both are wildly backrupt on an actuarial basis. Just because you will not understand math does not change the reality.

        No one goes to jail becuase a court long ago ruled both programs a social program and not an entitilement. It can be changed at any time. We are not at that point where reality crashed into the delusion perceptions Progressives created for generations.

        This is why the willfully ignorant like you do so much damage. Childish tantrums do not the problems your ignoance sustains.

        Both programs have needed rational reforms for a generation to avoid what is now upon us. Now rational reform is needed just to sustain both programs.

        Of course the first critical step was to focus on economic growth and full employment. Obama forced through another massive entitlement which increased structural uneployment and dislocation.

        Your level of ignorance is stunning. This has all be covered and covered here. If you had the integrity to be honest then it would not be a waste of time. But you do not. Just a poser.

      • Oh and why was that unfair? saying a guy got lucky and is benefiting from governement largess is not a put down. Based on his continious posting he is clearly not working and I am specifically not assuming he is on the dole, just retired and lucky to be from the luckiest generation - the ones that didn't have to fight WWII and won't have to pay the debt back either

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