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  • barc37000 barc37000 Mar 10, 2014 2:18 PM Flag

    really dont know what the last 2 days were about

    but thank goodness its over

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    • Actually Oppenheimer made a negative comment a few days ago on the 4th that you must have missed. They said, "Despite optimism surrounding Berry and the Permian acreage, we continue to believe the same core issues plague the company, including high decline rates and significantly under-reported maintenance capital spending."
      Was this another hit piece? Decline rates are just one piece of the puzzle that determines the economics of a well and Linn had all ready decided to drop the use of DCF to complete its merger with Berry so what was Oppies point?

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      • Yea that is a very strange comment as it is not the same company after the acquisition. Neither is the capital budget. Which is point more at low decline California assets.

        Just along way of say we do not trust management. But given the amount of time the Obama SEC committed it is hard to imagine the maintenance capital is dramatically under reported.

        Can not read another persons mind. But seems to me it requires more than the same as before.

        Propane and nomral Butane prices are coing down faster than I would have thought. Maybe that is the real cause.

        The short operation has not gone away. The circling continues and the forward DCF of 1 is the draw.

    • Or is it? Seems that there are lots of large sell orders coming for the last few days on the open.

    • Could be. Two big down days on no news, difficult to lay it off to a delayed reaction on the distribution being static, or less than stellar 2014 guidance. Still, it shows how weak the company is right now in the eyes of the market, lots of weak hands, toasted fingers. It may take 2015 before this gets back to anything approaching "normal" in terns of price to yield, or perhaps the 7% days are pretty much gone for good, the damage to reputation too extensive. We might have to live with an 8-9% yield in the market place.

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      • I agree cooch. Sadly, for now, Linn's reputation was knocked down significantly this past year, making it too risky to jump in for 7% yield. I wouldn't buy it for that presently. I'm still holding shares of LNCO, but did sell down my position recently and am going for growth in other places. My LNCO shares were a part of my growth portion of my portfolio. I redesigned to my conservative section and will still enjoy the monthly divs. Still solid on that front. I'll take 10% in the conservative section of my portfolio!! I personally don't think there's too much risk at these prices. It will take big news to move it up much from here though.

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