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  • jimygibb jimygibb Mar 12, 2014 2:32 PM Flag

    Cramer Misreprepresented

    Cramer stated that if it wasn't for Line's dividend he would sell his position and get behind Rich Kinder at Kinder Morgan, just more of the same hit stories

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    • Well several months ago Cramer said Buy Buy Buy to this stock just before it tumbled. Then he kept pushing the stock. He also said SELL SELL SELL on ETP when I bought it at $42. I wish that he truly had the publics interest at heart.

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    • Cramer is not the only one doing research on stocks, and sometimes his conclusions are very distorted - sounding more like manipul*tion than facts. Raymond James's research does not show the same concerns for LinCo or LINE. I think I will go with R-J and buy some more. They concluded the distributions should be stable or better, and 9.7% to 10% sure seems good to me. Seems the markets reaction to Cramer is overdone. I expect the gap will fill sooner rather than later.

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      • overselling now

      • Agree. The Cramer affect is real but short term. Magnified by the short operators jumping up and down in the wake of it. Cramer did hand it to them with a trade from LINE to KMP. Really wierd combination call.

        A reasonable person would believe it unlikely the never ending SEC investigation could have missed serious inaccuracies with maintenance capital investment accounting. The change in verbage to whatever DCF is now, means a matter of very reasonable opinin not seriously inaccurate. The SEC clearly took their time with a fine comb too.

        Yet here we go again. Cramer made it stranger still.

        The MF piece is spot on.

    • As you see with political news manipulation we have all the outlets to get information out, but it can also be used to spread lies and create fear and nothing not even greed can compare to drastic actions fear can make people take

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    • cramer is a moron. anyone that puts money into his ideas deserves to lose money. looks like he has done another number on his sheeple.

    • In a nutshell, Cramer wants you to dump a 10% yielder to buy a 7% yielder that may one day yield 10% on your investment. He doesn't say the 10 % isn't safe. What a nut job!

    • garrh Mar 12, 2014 6:29 PM Flag

      #$%$ Cramer!

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    • It matters? I don't think much of this was caused by Crammer, it's been going on for days.

    • Cramer pretty much reflects what the market in general thinks. That's probably because in his showman position he has to follow pretty much everything, which means he doesn't have time to follow anything in enough detail to really understand it. His radar picks up the current market sentiment and parrots it.

    • Cramer has been all over the map. He's too emotional with his investments for my taste. He touted LINE as a very well managed business when he started buying. Now, he is selling it because he says they are poorly managed. If he makes money, he makes up reasons why he was right. And, when he loses money, he makes up reasons why it wasn't his fault. It's just how he rolls. I like the 10%+ distribution at this level and will continue to add if it goes lower. Once they start getting the BRY deal synergies figured out, the stock should do just fine.

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      • Band, I think that the BRY deal synergies have already been figured out as an overall bad deal. It's not accretive and shows minimum capacity for meaningful growth. So no savvy management makes a deal like this, which turns out to to be what it was supposed to have been. Why wouldn't Cramer change when the Linn picture has changed? I mean what is it that you do when new information impacts a prior decision?

      • rwlehman Mar 12, 2014 5:54 PM Flag

        I'm new to this message board. Will someone please tell me what is indicated by the green and red numbers located next to the up and down thumbs?

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      • rjdpah Mar 12, 2014 3:41 PM Flag

        If anyone listens to Cramer they are saps. This guy touted NAT so much knowing full well that the tanker market was slowing down. He had the CEO of this company on his show numerous times.
        Then all of a sudden he says SELL!. I do not put any credence in what he says anymore. As far as LINE goes, they are hedged on most of their product for years to come. I am getting good distributions and plan on holding for a long time.

      • Agree, I have my dividends on a reinvestment program which I get about 25 more each month give or take PPS and since I sell options on all my holdings every month I purchase the additional shares to bring them up for option contracts so I am just going to enjoy the cheaper shares, and looking at the bigger picture