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  • choo2choo choo2choo May 6, 2014 4:40 PM Flag

    At Least Line isn Consistant

    Consistant morning and all day tease only to drop off just about every afternoon. Guess that is better than a straight line down. Definitely in a Range trade between high 27s to high 28s and paying the .2416 every middle of the month. Without any reason(such as a divi increase or sale of unwanted assets) there is really no reason for it to go up in value when everyone knows what dividend it pays monthly and pretty much assured of being able to buy the stock/units for 27+ to 28+ just about anytime during any month inorder to collect the .2416 dividend if they would like a nice dividend. In other words, there seems to be NO THREAT of the stock taking off and therefore, missing your opportunity to get into a good dividend paying stock, so just buy it and sell it whenever you need a dividend and sell it for what you paid for it not too long after you get the dividend. Same "ole pattern" which is not too bad if you are not unhappy that there seems to be little chance to make any profit by selling the stock for considerably more than you paid for it. Almost like owning a bond instead of an equity/stock/security. Sit back and be thankful for the dividend folks as that looks like all we can expect for the time being.

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