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  • fredrickson01 fredrickson01 Jul 23, 2014 9:20 PM Flag

    We All Shoulda Bought Facebook

    Instead of struggling to "wish" LINE up to the $34-35 range and sweating every ?&^%$# cent of the way and every stupid junk article, we'd all have been a lot better off loading up on Facebook back in the $20's.

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    • 19.22 :)

    • fred...AWLCF (yield about 19% after currency exchange fees)...AWLCF is up over 35% YTD in Total Returns and' is still running hot'...! I am not a loyal investor, if a holding under preforms, I sell it and move on...! $tagg...!

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      • Speaking of the monkey nature.

        From Jon Stewart's recent memories.

        2001 a space odyssey

        truth is sentience resulted in cooperative adaptation of nature rather hunting and gathering. Seeds and animals were 'domesticated' producing far more net energy per effort. But this transition would require hunter gathers to establish a 'home' territory and begin resource management. As tribal people do to this day.

        But as my God said to us, truly progressiving civilization does not need a king. In fact, a king due to self absorption and selfishness, will set civilization back. Plato in the Republic tried an economic model to balance human nature and therefore enable an effective social collective. But even he came to understand human nature made it impossible.

        A monolith of understanding Jon and the Progressive refuse to touch. They really do believe the world can be ordered by material nihilism without considering how human nature adjusts or reacts. Both the power focused on an elite who decide by whim what is fair and the scraps from the table followers expect.

        So while it is amusing to witness Stag the monster Denisovan brag about the extincted great animal it killed, it has no utility except for the entertainment such antics provide. But Jon is much funnier and even nuanced at his very best. So our corny Denisovan is less by nature.

        All this delusional belief in personal magic is what Progressive like corny stag the monster demand to believe. No it is not civilized. Nor is it in any real sense of the idea, sentence. Just monkeys making displays.

        As the Greeks reasoned, civilization requires something greater than human nature. False gods and a belief in magic or gods doing tricks can work for some time but not in time.

        Which is why of course allowing Progressives to run America always fails in time. Their primitive false gods are simply irrational and therefore completely inadequate to our need.

        America's Framers are far more advanced than Progressives.

    • Your RIGHT, sure is fun this Monday morning quaterback thing!

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