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  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 13, 2014 10:53 AM Flag

    Pretty interesting KMR is at a premium to KMP

    rrb you clearly have control of the olb hive mind and it is smoking with non sequitur.

    Would you like to take s swing at why KMR is now at a premium after all this time?

    I am not like the OLB. If you ever get one right I will actually be honest.

    ;( ;0

    One Cavuto no gasoline tax increase until you tell us what is happening with the mega billions you are getting now.

    One Jon Stewart they are from a Progressive government so it is immoral to be rational. Just fork over the money as you shouldn't be driving.

    Do Denisovans drive? All those bigfoot sighting up in Santa Monica related to the medical pot or some other O'factor?

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    • outthink Aug 13, 2014 6:17 PM Flag

      The exchange of KMI for KMR is not a taxable event (c-corp shares for c-corp shares). KMI for KMP (c-corp shares for MLP units) is a taxable event because it is not like-for-like transaction. Taxes are due on the value of KMP units as well as all previous distribution of capital - ouch!

    • rrb,& norris, these discussions are very enlightening, I'd like to thank you both for sharing your resources of knowledge, remember keep the faith!

    • Sorry Norris, but you have once again gotten confused. I am not a Progressive. I do not support our President nor any of his objectives, most of which I view as anti-American and with the real intent of lowering America's world standing. So, you will have to address your Jon Stewart man crush issues to someone else as I do not watch his show.

      • 1 Reply to rrb1981
      • Now nwo rrb.

        That was not the subject.
        Look at the heading.

        Folks that want to see your prattle on will KMI buy upstream or producing assets like LINE can follow the tread.

        But as the holder of the olb mind guess you are the board entertainment this morning. ;)

        Whether or not electrical transmission is needed to save the grid from Obama irrational assault of imposing inefficiency and variable base load alternative while shutting down modern coal capacity is one question.
        Not forgetting the last cyclical cold spell which disrupted national ng supply all the way to California.

        Whether KMI would have any rational interest in such a thing is another.

        If Mr. Kinder wanted to be in a utility business it would have been best to simply leave KMI as it was. A large secure utility business with some growth with incremental connections to the system.

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