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  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 30, 2014 3:13 PM Flag

    OT Interesting thing happened on the way to the Forum.

    King James Version
    Proverbs 8.12
    I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.

    One of those verses with many translations. Early language is marked by words of expansive meaning. Of course the OJB has the advantage here. If we understand the words.

    But I was wondering how one of the Occupy Line Board troopers 'feels' about this verse.

    They are compelled by determined behaviour to overthrow the foundation of the American Constitutional system of balance and defusing power to blunt constant human nature. The selfishness, vanities and irrational ism.

    What do you have to replace it? No, you have demonstrated none of the troop are rational so spare me the Progressive science, please.

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    • Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...

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      • True and dramatic. Yet the Lord's Prayer is give me my daily bread.

        Anything more imposes the duty of 'to who much is given much is expected'.

        Most fascinatingly is no where in the old or new Testament,will a read find a call to irrationality.

        Which is exactly while Progressive collectivists have creates a materiel nihilist stocking horse of the clearly troubled minuet almost invisible 'GBTLie something community. Which is no such thing as at least 30%
        of the 'community' switches back and forth.

        The silliness of secular god, may people that way is well secular. There are things of the imperfect world which a Christian will and actually must understand. The reality of Liberty means tolerance with in the scope of Individual Liberty.

        Which is a level of intellectual and moral maturity not reflected in any 'Gay Pride' parade I have ever witnessed.

        I will vote for a Gay American in the uncommon election. He is a successful person who created real wealth and therefore opportunity for fellow Americans. He is materially rich yet seeks to serve. He is in the far from ordinary committed relationship.

        If his heart felt opinions could win popular support it would reflect a social reality. Which is his major flaw in supporting a claim the judiciary can over rule popular elections. Which of course completely negates, in thinking makes it so, of black Americans.

        It is matter of not maturely reasoning through the nature of God granted Liberty.

        Lord knows at this point we have all had the experience of the cost of human arrogance in the unchanging nature of the OLB.

        Useful idiots doesn't begin to cover the self imposed mental or potential disability.

        The UnKnown God of Greeks was not a grab bag. The new testament and Rabbinic tradition of logic to serve productive reason is no accident. At least one the material Progressive nihilists have never been close to explaining. But one is born a second.

        Yes all fall short. But that is no excuse for ir

    • Does it really matter what the OB says. Just more fire power for you with any come back. So you can start another rant. The board knows what you are all about.

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