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  • saprophytic1 saprophytic1 Jul 25, 2003 6:43 AM Flag

    Let them...

    I'll second that.

    Some people are just too hard to please.

    This is a real company making real vests that protect real people.

    As I read the less clear quarterly reports of the other companies, I'll be remembering that for sure.

    See all that money? Does anybody really think UBITE is going to go away when they can see that Pot O' Gold? Is 300k (worst case) going to make a difference 2 years from now? It's pretty funny that they can see it but "savvy", "smart" and "sophisticated" when investors maybe won't.

    Things like this don't go away quickly, they fade into the background and become less significant over time with the exception of brief instances that occassionally flare up.
    That's exactly what we've seen.

    Now repita por favor: You don't give in to organizations that are receptive to being used as a mechanism to further the agenda of the Communist Party.

    I am also wary of UBITE infiltrating the boards and not by their usual mechanism of undereducated crack addicted slightly above minimum wage spammers. UBITE will try to undermine this company any way it can.

    Anyone who can't support this company, maybe ought not be investing at this time because this is almost as good as it gets given the economy the last few years.

    Taxes may be too high. Paying high taxes is a bad thing only if it is subsequently found that the money paid really didn't have to be paid in first place. The tax rate in this instance is the sign of a company that is making money- and that is a good thing.

    CV, I, and others here like to be invested in companies that make money.

    DHB just became the "posterboy" for reducing taxes on small business.

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    • Making Stained glass

      Objective: The students will identify transparent and opaque properties exhibited in an artistic creation that mimics a typical glass creation.

      Materials: Construction paper, wax paper, glue, tissue paper, crayons, surface for making crayon shards, iron.


      go figger!!