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  • saprophytic1 saprophytic1 Aug 10, 2003 8:04 AM Flag

    body armor saves soldiers lives

    More unconvinced posters posting.

    Some longs traded in part of their positions after finding out that the contract was delayed for a couple of months.

    Some investors sold tired of the company's inability to solve the UBITE problem overnight.

    More ramblings about the Specialist irregardless of the above statements.

    UBITE held another mini-rally.

    In-fightings happening in the Bunions and NAACP.

    Interceptor continues to save lives of soldiers.

    A person I know just returned from Overseas.

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    • A person I know is still overseas!!
      My son.
      arf arf arf

      He said, "You eat corn on the cob with your rotten dentures OUT! The scuttlebumbum does not expect the NO NO KOREAN weak-asses to grow food in ten feet of snow JOB"
      He was talking to me after i stuck up for YOU!!

      I wonder what he meant??