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  • kdyinvestor kdyinvestor May 26, 2006 10:07 AM Flag

    Where are all the shorts?

    Jack Byrne is back at Chairmam of the Board!

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    • I agree, most people don't have the net worth they claim, but I think in WTM's it is due to opportunity cost. For example, if you bitch the stock sucks as it goes from $100 to $500 you will neither lose nor make money. On the other hand if you are a serious investor and have a good approach to investment, you will make loads of money.

    • Similar to your theory that share price is correlated to the number of negative postings on a Yahoo! message board, I've always suspected that you can pretty acurately determine a poster's net worth by dividing whatever number they claim by itself and then subtract 1.

    • Simply responding to your idiotic claim that you can tell a person's net worth by some magical, prescient power available only to you.

    • Wow! So impressive! You must be worth $2 - 3 thousands dollars by now. How old are you anyways 10?

    • "He still cant believe his net work has fallen by $350 or 25% due to WTM mismanagement and wants to blame all of the posters here. "

      And how might I ask do you know what my net worth is or whether it has gone up or down?

      In fact you are wrong on all counts. Here is my compounded annual gain in networth for the last 3 years: 41%, 39%, 22%. And for 2006 to date it is 12%.

      Big loss right?

    • As you can see through the postings PESTerman is a fountain of misinformation.

      He still cant believe his net work has fallen by $350 or 25% due to WTM mismanagement and wants to blame all of the posters here.

    • But this is not the MRH board. The behaviour I describe is peculiar to the WTM board. You are comparing apples and oranges. Furthermore, the nature of the bitching is important. For the stock price to rise, the bitching must be about employee discontentment, bitterness at being laid off, inability to understand capitalism, and so forth. MRH's bitching is simply because they took a large loss for which they were not prepared. That has never happened to WTM so even if there is bitching on that point, it isn't factually accurate as in MRH's case.

    • MRH directors no doubt wish "there is positive correlation between complaining and the stock price."

      With a share price tanking from around $46 to $15 (and still dropping despite a recent $100m buy-in) in around a year you best believe there's a helluva lot of bitching and moaning on that message board.... but, dammit, that bitchin' stock just won't climb back above $16.

      Clearly, more bitching and moaning is urgently required, to make this a winner of a company WTM designed it to be.

      I don't hold with (too much) bad language but I must admit that Mr. Besterman's comments tend to fall into the 'Fuckwit Apologist' category.

    • I hope you didn't take that seriously, it was meant sarcastically - of *course* there are gains to be made in the buying and selling of stocks!

    • What does it matter if the share price goes up or down? There are NO gains to be had in the buying and selling of stocks - everybody knows that.

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