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  • snogreen snogreen Jan 17, 2012 2:58 PM Flag

    bought some

    Now 4436 and change bid. I bid for 50 shs at 437, no fill. Got some a bit higher.

    It's weird to do odd lots, but I find it safer in WTM to build like that. You get a better average. If you tried with 100 or 200 share lots at a clip, it would add up to big money pretty quickly.....well, for "retail" that is.

    I think for a possible, up to.... $1 billion disaster, we have the right to a comment from WTM. It's a big number.....and it sure reeks from Friday and today that someone "knows something" we do not.......and they are in a large rush to sell WTM. And I scares me a bit that I am the "chump" on the other end of their "dump".......and they have privilaged information we (I) do not.

    we deserve a comment...WTM mgmt!

827.25+11.34(+1.39%)Jul 22 4:02 PMEDT