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  • snogreen snogreen Jan 31, 2012 2:04 PM Flag

    Book come fri 2/3

    Guess news we've been guessing on will come thios Friday...feb 3. What will the Book Value be with the Esurance cash in Q4 and the buybacks last fall. It should be at least $520.....we're at $445 now. And it's funny. 80% of the book value in WTM is the cash on hand (maybe $1 billion in cash).....the 80% stake in OB.... which is trading worth $1.2 billion....and WTM owns a 20% stake in SYA worth maybe $250 million. Warren Buffet also owns a 20% stake in SYA. So the actual business side of WTM is the reinsurance business and all it's assets.....which basically is valued at sero....and don't forget that the money management firm..White Mountain Advisors..they manage about $36 BILLION..they are worth zero.

    WTM is cheap. Just don't know by how much.

    OB is NOT cheap! The Q3 book value there was $11.57....OB is now $15.90. That means OB is trading at 138% over book.....while WTM is trading around $90 to $100 UNDER book.

    took 100 at 445.25. IStock down over $9 bucks today. I hope they don't blindside me with them doing some big expensive deal with the Esurance cash. Just keep buying back stock when you are trading at least $90 under book.

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