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  • cartown313 cartown313 Apr 7, 2011 2:46 PM Flag

    UAW Set The Standards That Built This

    country through a strong middle class. Without the strong middle class that was built by the UAW, this country never would have been able to pay for the military build up that caused the downfall of the USSR. Every American owes their standard of liveing to the UAW. Even those who are not union. Now, lets here from all the ignorant antiunion fools.

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    • We'll be in the U.P. next week>>>>>

      Nothing is like a summer on a northern lake. Short but sweet.

    • Expect a lot of winds in Michigan now. Hot air has shifted Northward.

    • <<Then you missed the flurries Monday morning!
      Of course I'm a little north of you.>>

      It was 96 in Harlingen Monday, we left Tuesday Morning early. I'm now in the Flint, Saginaw area. We'll be in the U.P. next week.

      No, bad weather just a lot of wind when left Texas.

    • "Watch out! Aprilia's dad is going to come after you with his hammer and sickle! I mean, shovel!

      Be careful out there."
      I've seen them come and go.

    • The UAW will bring your standard of living up until your employer goes broke; then it turns to this:

      This is sad. No one should have to live like this.


    • Or would it be, the UAW set the standard to rip off the American people with higher cost of living and higher taxes. This is the only thing they have done for the country.

    • MAllen!

      Watch out! Aprilia's dad is going to come after you with his hammer and sickle! I mean, shovel!

      Be careful out there.


    • Whoa you need to take some more of the blue ones.


      PS: Maybe your socialist stooge of a Pres will give them to you for free

    • "I don't know how to carry on a conversation..."

      I have read similar statements so often from you, I can't count them anymore. It's a great way to get out of a very stupid statement that you have made.

      "Without socialists like the UAW, there never would have BEEN a USSR in the first place, you freakin' moron!"

      Apparently, you have NO IDEA about the difference of socialists, social democrats, communists, marxists, leninists and its extreme wicked variation of the stalinist; but still

      - you call UAW workers socialists and in the same sentence connect them with the appalling nature of the USSR;
      - worse, you refer to the President of the United States (in a recent thread of yours) as a "socialist stooge" - you sure ticked me off with this one;
      - you call someone who supports unions, which for you are socialists, a "freakin' moron";
      - and ... just review your messages ...

      and then you twist your statements and refer to them as making "a point which I specifically and very carefully made sure I did not say or imply." That stinks, doesn't it?

      Mr. Careful, you know what is the problem in this country. Folks like yourself and this appalling Mr. April Fool MAllen1998, who has the guts to deny workers the status of the middle class, which shall be reserved to engineers, in his arrogance ("BTW, you are NOT supposed to be Middle Class if you are assembling cars for a living."). I am sure my father would knock his head with his hammer and his shovel if he could read that.

      I am not sure how old you two are, but I hope that the youth of this country to whiach I am counting myself will never become so ignorant to lose sight for human decency. I guess you don`t care anyway - hell, we are on the Internet, right?

      There's just one more message coming from me for this MAllen1998, and then mallen_april_1 will retire. Hope you enjoy yourself here.

    • You goof. You point to Germany as an example to envy?

      You believe they are wonderful with their socialist economy, but they are in dire financial straits. Their income tax rates go up to 45% and they pay a national added value tax (Mehrvertsteuer) of 19%.

      And their debt load is worse than hours. That's what I was showing you with the debt clock. You were supposed to look at Germany, France, Greece, etc and compare their debt loads to the US.

      I guess I didn't explain it to you clearly enough.


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