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  • iamnotmiken iamnotmiken Jul 20, 2011 9:07 AM Flag

    Jeye. I am still waiting.

    Last night before I went home, I extended a rather polite invitation to you to redeem yourself and to prove to the message board that you are not lying but actually did sell your GM shares at $38.15.

    You chose to ignore that post and few others like it. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assumed maybe you did not see those posts.

    Until you prove to me and to the board you sold your GM shares well ahead of any smart money at $38.15 I will always look at your posts as something coming from an attention seeking old man. To me everything you say will be a lie because you make some far fetched claims but can not back them up.

    My question to you then becomes, why do you do it? DO you need bunch of strangers to look up to you? Do you want them to think you are some kind of modern day Granville?

    Your TM posts and your delusional odd posts tell us a completely different story.

    If you want to prove me wrong, I welcome that. I wish you would.

    Post on this board one single transaction showing us how you sold your shares at $38.15.
    Go ahead and post your trade confirmation, an email, anything you like.
    Until you do, you are one of many zombies who grace thee pages with no substance.

    Have a nice day. Stop lying, it is not very becoming an old man.

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