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  • jeyebolt2003 Aug 1, 2011 9:00 AM Flag

    Retirees need more money


    My last case of posting pants cost 23 cents more than it did yesterday since I use an entire case of posting pants a day it is going to cost me more so why is oil up when the debt deal is a done deal? I need oil in the form of gasoline for vehicle fuel and cross burning now the oil pimps are gouging me when I need posting pants. And what is our government doing about seniors dilema's ...nothing.

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    • $14 Million, but with a Promise, for a Company that has over $140 Billion Market Cap. Find a SEC filing on Toyota Earning.

    • <<<<The post $14 million in Earning a Company that has the market cap of over $142 Billion.>>>>

      You have no call to pick on Toyota's earnings, Jeyedolt, EVER!

      Your idiot stock pick -- Old GM -- lost $88B in 5 years, and that was a boom economy compared to now! You are truly a moron.


    • The post $14 million in Earning a Company that has the market cap of over $142 Billion.

    • Jeyedolt, you moron! I OWN shares of Toyota. WHY in heaven's name would I be upset that they got money from the Japanese or Canadian governments?!

      The more money they make, the more my stock goes up. When will you begin to understand the most basic facts of life, jeye?


    • <<<<Now Toyota just bleed $150 Million out of these Canadians. I don't see web-dunce complaining about this.>>>>

      Why would I complain? I'm not a Canadian, you idiot!


    • It really doesn't matter what the balance sheet of the real car company shows.

      The public investors do not own any stocks or bonds in the real car company. The public investors bought stocks and bonds in "GM" from the Wall Street margin accounts. The Wall Street margin accounts owe the public investors the money they paid to purchase "fictitious" "GM" stocks and bonds.

      It's the same with the US debt. The US government sold over $14 trillion in US treasury bonds. What the media does NOT reveal to the public is the Wall Street margin accounts sold a lot more than that in "fictitious" US treasury bonds.

      The US government owes the $14 trillion it borrowed. And the Wall Street margin accounts owe the SECRET $trillions the margin accounts sold.

      So, even if the US government borrows more money to pay back the bonds the US government owes which are currently due, Wall Street STILL will not want to pay back the money it borrowed from investors by selling them "fictitious" US bonds.

      That is why Wall Street want to lower the credit rating on US bonds. Wall Street want to borrow money from the public and then pay them back less. Wall Street in run by professional moochers. They borrow money and then negotiate to pay back less.

      Well, the Wall Street margin accounts are legally required to buy back the "fictitious" stocks and bonds they sell, including the US treasury bonds, and the Wall Street margin account must maintain a minimum equity of 50% of the liabilities. So, in effect, the margin accounts which owe the money to the public are never "insolvent". Because with an extra minimum of 50% equity in the accounts, the accounts are able to liquidate and pay off all of the liabilities at the current market value.

      Wall Street want to make people believe that Wall Street doesn't owe the money, some other entity does, and THAT entity cannot pay back the money. Absurd.

      Tom borrows money from Sally and then tells Sally that BILL owes her the money and Bill is broke. Ridiculous. Tom owes Sally the money, so it doesn't matter if Bill is broke or not. And Tom is NOT BROKE. Tom (that is WALL STREET) is a liar and a thief and a moocher.

    • The Canadian Government years ago was a lot smarter then ours and Told the American Auto makers if you want to sell vehicles in Canada you have to build some here. Now Toyota just bleed $150 Million out of these Canadians. I don't see web-dunce complaining about this.

      web-dunce is like the Indians said about the white he talks with a fork tongue. How much oil do we get from Japan & Korea? We don't need troops in Canada

    • <<<<Sorry, the Impala has 40% more American Content than your NOSE BLOW "Sonata">>>>

      But Jeyedolt, I'm not the guy preaching to everyone else that it is their fault we have a trade imbalance; that's what you do all the time. And then you buy an import. I think that's shameful.


    • We'll give them away.

      "Inventory issues are not seriously holding back Toyota anymore, and a 25% month-over-month boost in incentives is helping the company finally pick up the sales momentum that it needed," said Edmunds analyst Jessica Caldwell, in a prepared statement. "But with sales expected to be off more than 20% compared to July 2010, Toyota still has a long way to go."

    • Oh, so you made it to the Service Dept. Maybe if you was in Rust Repair you would be working 12 hours a day 7 days a week. We haven't had a earthquake here. So much for calling them American.

      Inventories Fall
      Honda at the start of July had 60 percent lower inventories of Accord sedans and Civic compacts from a year earlier, while Toyota had 50 percent fewer Camry sedans and Corolla compacts, Johnson wrote.

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