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  • deergrower deergrower Aug 3, 2011 4:15 PM Flag

    GM sold 125 Volts last month - KILLER PERFORMANCE !

    The "Obamamobile" is a FLOP. The UAW better funnel more money to Obama to keep him in power

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    • Dims think they can talk us out of recession. It's all hype. Where are all the jobs this country has lost? We can't survive as a bunch of service workers buying imported goods with nothing to sell/export.

    • <<The foreclosure problem will be through the system by the end of 2012.>>
      Who says? You say? The foreclosure problem is only about 50% resolved and it won't be finished this year or the next. Knowing how short memories can be for those it benefits the most, it will get shoved under the rug. It ain't over yet, not by a long shot.

    • I want what he is smoking or drinking.
      I too live in Florida and Florida real estate is slightly gloomier than he suggests. As a matter of fact right where he lives they are about to pick up some fresh inventory from the loss of jobs at NASA.

      Recent Chaos if anything brought out to the open just how deep our problems are.
      THE DAY AFTER the DEBT CEILING was lifted, Borrowing exceeded GNP!

      It doesn't look like things are getting better. Then three is the possibility this Obama guy can get in for another 4 years!
      We haven't had 9 DOWN days in the stock market since 1978. Today would have been day number 9 except at the last few minutes we broke out in the green. Too close for comfort.
      In the time period he sees the economy getting better I see HYPER inflation. We have to pay for all this sooner or later. No other way to pay for them except print more money!

      I HOPE Obama gets elected again so he can blame the last 4 years on the last President during the Next 4 years.

    • lol....I hope you are right! I really do. We can certainly agree to disagree. Mr. Sunshine I may be, but mathematically I don't see how it is possible. We'll see!

      I'll leave you with one last question. You say that the recent chaos brought the issue to everybodys attention. The question is, can you honestly say that our Congressmen and Senators have even a remote chance of truly FIXING the problem though? The recent 'compromise' didn't even come remotely close........jmho

    • Thanks for that in-depth analysis Mary Sunshine! The foreclosure problem will be through the system by the end of 2012. (Here in Florida NEW foreclosure filings are down 75% from their peaks and coming down more every month). Europe will solve their problems. The American private sector will be the anchor on which the recovery rests. They are looking pretty good even now. The unemployment rate will slowly come down over the course of the next few years. The big problem is consumer sentiment and that needs to improve. That will happen after the elections when the electorate dumps the radicals on both sides and votes in pragmatic moderates. The resolution of the public debt is not an overnight issue. It will take 10-15 years to get that resolved. The good thing about the recent chaos was that it brought this issue to everybody's attention.

      In the words of a great lyricist..."Don't Worry...Be Happy!"

    • Ok, tell me this. How exactly are things going to come together after the election? What will have changed to cause any change? Europe is broke. We are broke. The states are broke. Cities are broke. Unemployment will only get worse, not better. The deal they just made is a joke. None of these things are changing for the better. They will only get worse. How can they not? We get deeper in debt every day, not the reverse. Interest rates going up someday will make things worse. GDP growth is non-existant, and that is with the government pumping trillions into the economy. What will happen if that stops? It will plunge. If they keep pumping money in, you'll have massive inflation. Either way, we're screwed.

      How does the election change any of that?

      p.s. 20 years? no. recession? no. Huge depression? yep. No way around it.

    • A booming economy by the end of 2013. Get past the elections and things will all come together. What do you think a massive recession for 20 years?

    • They will.
      Absolutely they will.

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