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  • lazyland1ord lazyland1ord Aug 7, 2011 8:25 PM Flag

    When GM comes back so will our economy...

    The key to our economy returning is going back to what made our economy flourish!

    Unload the foreign cars and buy American!

    Do you remember when?! When nobody in their right mind would buy a "Rice Burner"! When nobody would buy that cheap foreign junk!

    C'mon, get rid of those toyota's and buy a "Chevy"!!!

    Thousands of companies across the country and their employees relied on their sales/service to GM to stay in business and that's what it has to go back to for our economy to flourish again!

    Put an American back to work, buy an American car!

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    • History will repeat, GM & Ford will be back and so will our economy! :)

      Unload the foreign "Kit Cars" and buy an American Made GM or Ford and our economy will return to the greatest economy in the world as it once was. :)

    • It should be very clear to those in Washington what must be done and the media should join in.

      The American Automotive Industry is what made this country's economy flourish.

      Thousands and thousands of companies across the nation depended on some sort of business relating to our automotive industry, that includes manufacturers like Caterpillar, Allison, Cummins, John Deere, Harley Davidson as well as GM and Ford and a host of other manufacturers of power transmission products.

      Put real money into our economy,buy a GM or Ford and put an American back to work at one of thousands of businesses across the nation that depend on these sales.

    • All this talk about buying a Ford or Chevrolet to show your patriotism is bunk.

      You want to show your patriotism? Volunteer your time at a soup kitchen, join the military, buy a flag.

      For cars, buy whatever you want as long as it is not built by Union Labor.

    • This from the person who yesterday was talking about how Chrysler is owned by Daimler......

      Odds are very high that 98% of 3rd graders are smarter than you.

      Typical union want everyone to believe that our country is doomed without GM. If you only lived in the real world you'd know that you've lost your marbles.

    • There is no other industry that is so relative to our economy than the American Automotive Industry!

      Thousands of companies across our nation are related somehow to this industry and it's the cash flow thru these companies across the nation that makes up our economy.

      Foreign "KIT CARS" assembled in the US do not contribute to this cash flow!

      The only car manufacturers in the US that contribute to the cash flow into our economy thru the thousands of companies they do business with across the nation is Ford and GM.

      Bring back our economy, buy a Ford or GM and put an American back to work at one of the thousands of companies in our American Automotive Industry.

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      • If GM had been allowed to die a normal death maybe Penske or Kerkorian would be running it by now and making some money on it.

        Instead we have a wounded cripple on life support with a hungry union trying to sucker taxpayers into refilling their rice bowl once again.

        I have no problem helping American workers but I don't want one red cent of my money going to the UAW if I can help it. UAW screwed GM and will do it again the first chance they get. I expect a strike of GM soon after your no strike clause ends, within six months.


    • lol....thanks for the laugh!

      America no longer cares about GM. America does not need GM. They had their chance....and they blew it. They produced a bunch of crappy cars. Period. And now that you're desperate for your job back, we should all buck up and buy your crap to save your job? No thanks. Taxpayers saved your butt, but myself and millions of Americans will never, EVER buy a GM again. EVER. And guess what....I grew up in the Detroit suburbs in Oakland County.

      Now, go out and learn some things. Our economy is not dependent on GM. We need a TON of change to get back on firm footing. None of those things include GM.

      You should have booted out your stupid union years ago. You didn't. Oops. How'd that work out for ya?

    • ALL foreign cars assembled in the US are "KIT CARS" where everything is shipped to the assembly plants for assembly only. THERE IS NO MONEY PUT INTO OUR ECONOMY FROM THESE PLANTS!

      If you own any foreign car that was assembled in the US you helped ruin our economy!

      Only GM and Ford put money into our economy by buying parts/services from thousands of companies across the nation. THIS WHAT MAKES UP OUR ECONOMY!

      Bring back our economy, buy a GM or Ford and put an American back to work!

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        You are quite wrong. The car parts don't jump together by themselves. If all the workers did was take them off a boat there would be jobs created. However, these are actually assembled here.

        If GM did not exist, they could probably afford to buy all their parts here from the companies no longer selling to GM.


    • Wow, the UAW got cheated. They should call Obama and COMPLAIN. How come the Media didn't tell where the Money went?

      The 3.3 trillion dollar loans were not made at the behest of Congress, because any bill passed, or any legislative process at all for that matter. The United States public was not aware of the $165 billion dollars given to the United Bank of Switzerland(UBS) nor did the general public know about the $97 billion dollars doled out to the Deutsche Bank in Germany.

      What is stunning is the lack of oversight of the monstrosity that the Federal Reserve has become since its inception in 1913. It is inconceivable that the central bank of the United States would lend trillions of dollars to failing foreign banks at the expense of US taxpayers. Propping up corporations and banks that would have failed otherwise while destroying the savings of Americans through inflation is theft. What benefit does the average American gain from their money being transferred to companies like Metlife, Toyota, and others? Even South Korea directly received some of the money printed by the Federal Reserve!

    • Call Obama. He loves the UAW. Tell him to fix it.

    • If you own a foreign car you helped ruin our economy!

      Bring back our economy, buy a GM or Ford and put an American back to work!

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