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  • itswhatsintheboxthatcounts itswhatsintheboxthatcounts Aug 14, 2011 5:02 PM Flag

    Unions are making big comeback !

    1.) Unfair: People join unions because they feel that management is unfair. When managers engage in patronage, promote their friends, terminate the employment of people without cause and have poor management skills people are not going to trust them. This low worker-to-management trust is a primary reason people choose to be unionized.

    2.) Compensation: As wages are declining in many industries due to global competition and a slow down in U.S. manufacturing, workers desire to have higher wages. Wages can be considerably low in the hospitality environment which is ripe for unionization and is part of the reason why unionization has been growing in this industry. The goal is to get wages affixed and raise them higher through joining a union.

    3.) Benefits: Unions often have a strong benefits package which they are able to extract from the employer. Workers have seen declining benefits levels, increased co-pays and a squeezing of drug prescription plans. Few want to worry about whether their families will have medical coverage.

    Because of the declining economy Union reps may visit your company sooner than you think

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    • sorry - they are getting WEAKER...

    • National Labor Statistics are telling us something totally different. At the rate you guys are milking the system pretty soon you will be lucky to have any union jobs left in this country.

      People don't join the unions because management is unfair. They don't know anything about the management when they hire. The union is already there.
      Compensation is to be determined by the market place not by the worker who came begging for a job. You don't like the pay, go work somewhere where you can be happy with the wages. Don't come to me asking for a job, and then tell me what I should pay you. Who the pfruluck do you think you are.

      Benefits. I decided the benefits. There are man companies who don't pay benefits. Paying benefit may very well make them close their doors. You want health care, go work for a hospital. If my company processes gulf shrimp, I may give you a discount on some frozen fish. There is your benefit. I don't owe you richard.

      I have chased away more than one union rep in my time. I have sent them packing like the rat they are. No problem. Bring your best boy. Bring your best. They set foot on my property, they are immediately under citizen;s arrest. They hate that.
      You are better off to see if you can get that card chekie thing going. That is the only way you are going to make any head way.. Last I heard it is dead. Good luck with that during Obama's thrid term.

      Union weasels.They talk up a good game.

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