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  • donmclemee donmclemee Aug 30, 2011 7:03 PM Flag

    cost of battery


    Just saw the cost of a new battery for the volt will be $10,000. When you trade about the time for a new battery how much will you get for the volt ?

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    • I understand how engineers think or don't think.
      There is very little room for common sense in their lives.

      Did you miss my statistics about 100 percent of the people driving their cars to somewhere else OTHER than the 40 mile commute? I suppose you will challenge that for my inability to provide data to substantiate that.

      Some people have a need to drive outside of their predetermined daily commute to work and back. When they get home they have a need to take their kids to soccer practice and go shopping for groceries and then pick up the kids bring them home.

      Some families go on extended trips on the weekends that exceed that the limits of that 40 mile tether.

      I know a family who go canoeing and fishing that takes them into the wilderness 30 miles out of the city limits ONE WAY and with no charging station at the other end.
      Sometimes families need a car that need to take them 300-400 miles a day!

      DO you really need DATA for this?
      Get a family and you will have your data bank replenished for you to do further research on the subject the rest of your natural life.

    • The study asked lots of questions. The 40 miles per day is more than just the commute, it's all the AVERAGE of ALL the driving. If you go over 40 miles per day (without charging in between of course), so are now in hybrid mode.

      It's not the end of the world to be in hybrid mode sometimes. But, any driver who finds themselves in hybrid mode over 25% of their total driving, should consider another vehicle. The math will go South in a hurry if that is the only reason they are buying the volt...cost.

    • Takes years to issue the patent number. It's filed though, in us and foreign. I have over 25 issued to date. About a dozen more in the pipeline.

      As for the rest, I am bound by NDAs.

    • <<<This notion about 78 percent of the Americans only drive less than 40 miles is so flawed and so tiring, it is no longer funny.>>>

      Oh well do tell, you must have your own science based survey. I'm interested in he results. Do post.

      The truth is when presented with fact that you don't like because it is contrary to your narrative, you start talking out your south end.

      But see as an engineer I say, in God I trust, everyone else....bring data.

      I'm sorry if the numbers are an inconvient truth to you. They are what they are. It was a good study that aligns with other OEMs studies....ta ta now

    • Still waiting...

    • It's ok to be curious, but let's not cross over into conspiracy and bogeyman land....

      Uhh, does this post make me a supporter of the gang of 4? Then, logically, it's the gang of 5 now, all the same person.

      Seriously now, you do have a tendency to stray off the point and focus on the person...

    • "
      78% of Americans drive 40. Where did you get 60? 15,000/year is based on 40 per day, not 60. "
      This notion about 78 percent of the Americans only drive less than 40 miles is so flawed and so tiring, it is no longer funny.

      Here is another statistic. 100 PERCENT of the Americans use their cars BESIDES driving them for daily commute.
      100 PERCENT.

      Those who are so strapped for cash that they have to save gasoline with VOLT probably do not have the means for a second car for their OTHER driving needs.

      40 miles range is a deal breaker even if 90 percent of the people drove only 5 miles a day. A car is supposed to do more than that, unless you have other vehicles for other specific uses.

    • "I recently visited two local Chevy dealerships in the eastern LA suburbs."
      There is a lot of that going on lately. People are visiting Chevrolet dealers in Southern California. Just for fun?

      Which dealerships did you visit? Can you name them for us.

      If you want to engage in a civilized conversation about the current state of car sales staffs in this industry, I am amply qualified to do so and would be happy to educate you over and above what YOU think you observed.

      I doubt that a serious discussion could take place in this forum with this crew.
      I obviously have a different take on it than you do!

    • Is it a coincidence the four of you showed up here at the same time?
      You also seem to post about the same time and very supportive of each other's post.

      Just curious.

    • "The prius is a far better value than the volt."
      I don't own one. I would never own one. Never owned a Toyota.
      However, that is not as important as the fact that over a MILLION people here in US agrees with you. It is a good deal. A better deal than VOLT.

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