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  • uawpower uawpower Sep 8, 2011 3:43 PM Flag


    The UAW can strike GM and if they do,GM has to pay-off the government immediately.This would break the company in a New York minute.The UAW has the option.

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    • >>If we had personal responsibility in this country for real, GM would have bankrupted for real.<<

      Now THAT I can agree with.

    • I hope the UAW strikes.....and GM moves ALL production to Mexico!!

      F Off UAW losers!!

    • You're smoking rope if you think they can strike.

      They had to promise Obama to behave.

      They have no cajones whatsoever at this time.


    • It is about time owner/stock holders regain ownership of the company. It is about time they take back from the unions and greedy mgt. We need to replace the B of D's with reasonable people, not with collusionists of mgt and labor.
      If we cannot regain ownership, close it down and let both labor and mgt out on the street. We the stock holders will be no worse off. They use our money and we get nothing for its use.
      Shut it down.

    • If we had personal responsibility in this country for real, GM would have bankrupted for real.

      Like I said, the rich and the corporate get socialism, while the rest of us have to endure the perils of a market economy.

      As it stands, what happened was that the economy turned into a massive drug scheme. GM was the pusher, and drivers were the users.

    • GM did not require or otherwise force anyone to go into debt or make monthly payments. If people did that, they did it of their own free choice. No one made them do it.

      Or have you never heard of the concept of "individual responsibility"?

    • GM is part of Corporate America, a monoculture of conspicuous production and lending, which produced conspicuous consumption and borrowing.

      There are two parts of every transaction like that. Quite pretending that it's all the consumer's fault. For every overextended borrower, there's a foolish lender. For every overextended buyer, there's a foolish seller.

      When GM started making "employee financing" available for buying it's cr^pcars, I was just howling, for I knew how desperate GM had become. It was that last gasp of a failed company.

    • i believe he is referring to, as it is called in the racketerring busines, the "teneco shield" dont play coy with me, you are in on it.

    • They do NOT have the power in any way, shape or form.

      At least not until 2015

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      • A couple of weeks ago there was a strike here in NY City.

        The strikers were the CWA union members at Verizon. They marched, ranted, raved and threatened to bring Verizon operations to a standstill.

        One day during the strike I walked past a large, loud, sign-carrying mob of striking workers. I asked them what they were striking about.

        The guy gave me some clap-trap about wages and I said to him that I wouldn't have known there was a strike by Verizon workers had I not read about in the news. I told him that the strike had had NO impact on phone service.

        He didn't like what I was telling him.

        Then I mentioned to him that it appeared to me the only conclusion to be drawn from the strike was my observation that no one missed the striking workers and it appeared that by striking they had demonstrated how unnecessary they were.

        Then he was really mad. I thought he was going to whack me with his sign, so I walked away.

        How was the strike resolved? Apparently Verizon management reached the same conclusion I reached, and they conveyed that view to union leadership.

        The next day the strike ended with the union receiving NOTHING except the chance to return to work.

        The striking Verizon workers were part of the landline business, which is shrinking. Their jobs are disappearing because people are dropping their landlines and going totally cellular. But until their strike made them aware of their powerlessness, they behaved like they were UAW members in the 1950s.

        Now they're sitting at their desks, obediently completing their assigned tasks.

    • <<<<<I stand corrected. A strike is not illegal per se but it would trigger an immediate acceleration of the federal bailout loans. It would mean another bankruptcy and this time it would be a liquidation not a restructuring. Everybody, union workers, salaried workers, shareholders, suppliers, the US government, dealers, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, etc would lose and lose in a horrible fashion. It's not going to happen.>>>>>

      Basically, you guys wouldn't dare strike GM, and everyone knows it, so what that REALLY means is, you're just bluffing and you DON'T have the power. GM has your nuts in a vice and they can tighten it all the want. And the more they tighten it, the more the public will approve of them.

      You aren't holding any cards. You're holding a gun* to your own empty head saying, 'If you don't give us what we want, we'll shoot ourselves!'

      Need some help pulling the trigger? I volunteer. I'll freakin' pull it TWICE.


      *figuratively speaking

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