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  • jeyebolt20003 jeyebolt20003 Oct 22, 2011 7:29 PM Flag

    I love the UAW and GM


    I cannot understand why there are so many haters for both. In the 50's when labor unions were representing many more workers than today our economy was far stronger and America was far better off. Strong union = strong GM = strong America.

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    • Oh and a sidelight. I worked in the aerospace industry for 35 years and their union wages were similar to the UAWs. That is why B2 bombers cost $1.2 billion each and toilet seats cost $50,000. But Congress always appealed to patriotism and so nothing was done and nobody cared. And that is why the federal deficit is in the multi trillion dollar range. In my opinion defense spending wasted 2 trillion dollars over the last 10 years with nothing to show for it!

    • Jeye (If this is the real Jeye and not the peanut butter brained clone) the hatred is there because the UAW wages shot up so much faster than the population as a whole and for tasks that did not represent true value for the product. Before GM bankruptcy I watched a CNBC documentary on GM's problems and they stated that to stay competetive they would have to lose money on most vehicles sold. Then they talked about an elderly black lady who cleaned the executive restrooms in the main GM corporate offices in downtown Detroit. She was there for over 35 years and her yearly income exceeded $103,000!! I'm sorry but any company that pays cleaning ladies $103,000 is going to fail miserably. And other UAW wages were probably just as exorbitant. The two tier system being implemented by GM 2.0 will help rectify this situation over time. I think GM said that after the new UAW pact expires 25% of all workers will be in the lower tier pay scales. As the older workers get bought out or retire this percentage will only go up. I think giving the UAW profit sharing for agreeing to implement the two tier system is the best idea and in 10 years GM 2.0 and Toyota will dominate the market.

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      • Gatorblue, I put about four more on Ignore today. I retired from GM in 1994 as a Machine Repair Machinist. My pay was $21 a hour. I assure you someone to make that much on sanitation had to get lots of overtime.My last six months I worked a lot of overtime all I made was $40,000. My best year was the year before at $54,000. GM would rather pay overtime instead of hiring more people and for some reason sanitation got more overtime then most Skilled workers like me. My younger brother was a Millwright made $100,000 his last 3 years each, but he had to live in the plant. He was working between Christmas & New Year when he came down with Luekemia and died two years later. He got a pension for abou 1 1/2 years. Her 40 hour a week was about $900 X 52 weeks.
        Now the good news Michigan State beat Wisconsin on a Hail Mary pass.

    • Must be a clone. Jeye would never post such crap!

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