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  • rhomolka10 rhomolka10 Mar 29, 2012 7:44 PM Flag

    Buying my Prius.

    Can't wait to start saving gas money, sorry GM.

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    • The market has benn manipulated just a little huh.

    • Rat has his own stats...2011? Last I checked this is 2012...what are those fact the price increased significantly...Rat spin

    • You do know there are warrants and options...right?

    • How long is it going to be before you break even on the extra cost of the Prius?

    • He has said many times that he leveraged his purchase. He didn't buy stocks.

    • "And, I've posted a number of times that I don't hold the common stock. You have great difficulty processing and retaining info---a number of folks have observed this about you."
      You have me confused with your buddy jeye. I try not to keep track of the individual posters portfolios and hold them responsible to what they claim they bought or sold. I am not quite that petty. I have barely enough time to keep track of my own portfolio. So anything you might have said you held is something I can't remember.

      I was simply trying to back into your numbers how you made over $100,000 with GM stock. Not exactly my business other than trying to make you accountable for your outrageous claim how you made enough money on GM to pay cash for SEVERAL VOLTS. Especially if several means more than two.

      Considering the performance of GM since the IPO, I find it rather difficult to believe. As gung ho as you are on GM I could see as one of those who lined up for the IPO at $33.00 before I see you as someone who waited until $19 before jumping with both feet.

      Oh...I get it now! You have been shorting GM also. You devil you! You had everyone fooled.

    • <<<<You can continue to bash, but the important metrics are financial and overall market performance which have been steadily strengthening over the past 2 years and half.>>>>

      You do realize GM net income has dropped further in each of the past 3 qtrs.....or are we ignoring this inconvenient little statistic?

      Net Income Applicable To Common Shares
      December 2011....$0.47B
      September 2011....$1.73B
      June 2011............$2.24B
      March 2011..........$3.15B


    • " Sure. You bought 50,000 shares at $19 and sold them at $26."

      I didn't claim that.

      And, I've posted a number of times that I don't hold the common stock. You have great difficulty processing and retaining info---a number of folks have observed this about you.

    • Supor,
      NOT true!
      Local dealerships who WANTED to be a VOLT dealer all had demos before they had cars to sell. Especially where you live since California was one of the original launch states.

      There is no place the car was more a natural a perfect fit than San Francisco. Again in San Francisco it wasn't the lack of Demos, it was the lack of a single General Motors DELAERSHIP.

      If you are telling me GM designed VOLT for drivers looking for economy and PERFORMANCE, all I can say they were spot on target with YOU. Unfortunately you can consider yourself an odd ball in that instance. There are so few of you. Either you are one of 7000 people who gets it and think like GM does, or and you are so out in the left field there are only 7000 of you and GM missed the mark completely.

      We KNOW the marketing sucked, but it always does. What do you think they could have done different that would have done different that would have moved the needle? Personally I don't think they could have done ANYTHING that would have made an appreciable difference in the total sales numbers. I need to be proven wrong.

      Take the same car and change marketing and see if they can sell 40,000 this year. If that happens I would be happy to say, yup it was the marketing and there is nothing wrong with the car.

      Will you stop comparing Prius to VOLT. It didn't matter if they sold no more than 100 Priuses the first 5 years. Toyota KNEW what they were doing, where they were going with the car. They were right.
      I can't say the same about GM.

    • "My GM profits can already buy several Volts. The best part is yet to come."
      Sure. You bought 50,000 shares at $19 and sold them at $26.

      I hope you kept some for the taxes.

      To your detriment, if I was to believe you bought enough shares to have made enough profit on GM I would simultaneously have to both congratulate you and scold you for buying GM at any price at those quantities

      But you are a smart man (you told us) I am sure you know what you are doing.
      You looked high ad low and couldn't find anything else to invest a Million Dollars. Or was it more than that. It must be if you made enough to be able to buy "several" VOLTS. I am guess for cash, right?

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