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  • MAllen1998 MAllen1998 Jun 5, 2012 11:05 AM Flag

    VOLT lie!

    They say California dealers can not get enough!!!

    Absolute, unadulterated unmitigated BULL SHEET.

    I just called 4 old friends who own dealerships in 4 different California markets that span 400 miles.Not ONE of them want another VOLT if they can help it. They HAVE to accept allocation or risk losing favor with the company not to mention losing allocation on products they need and want.

    If you go to Cars.COM and plug in 93703 which is a FRESNO zip code because it is central to the state, and then set the parameters to 500 miles.....You will see they have 777 VOLTS in inventory and God knows how many more en route and in the pipeline.

    Considering they only registered 800 VOLTS total, there appears to be as many available as they have sold. Where exactly is the shortage now?

    GM does lie, and they are not very good at it. It is easily proven and dismissed as a lie. If they had a car that was a runaway success as they would like for you to believe, they wouldn't have time for these silly games. They would not be closig down the VOLT factory to get a balance between supply and demand, they would be building them as fast as they could and shipping them to California.

    Just a silly stupid lie. AGAIN.

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    • Buy your mother-in-law a Volt.It could catch fire.LOL Mr gil2626

    • You know absolutely nothing about the world market and politics around some very large cities like London and Istanbull as examples. They charge huge fees to drive trucks in their cities. The demand for electrification is huge. I know what is's my business to know and I can say with 100 assuritty that on this, you don't know what you are talking about.

    • sorry sap he is correct

    • <<<<<....Hyundai/Kia has the largest percentage of SUB PRIME BUYERS than ANY OTHER MANUFACTURER.>>>>

      Which school did you say you were kicked out of, again?


    • "Hey speaking of validation...where are all the volt fires that were predicted? The exploding batteries? Hmmmmmm....was that overblown by FOX?
      That is right...ALL the problems VOLT and GM suffer are all FOX's fault..

      The rest are all George Bush's fault.

      I know the difference between a "mule" and a production build. You seem to want to assume a whole lot bad about me just to bolster your unwinnable arguments. Without those assumptions you know you are dead in the water.

      Just because something made it past the "mule" and into full production does not mean it will be a success. And it is NOT.

      When electric cars become the norm or even become a segment that is to be taken seriously, because they have garnered a percentage of the market that is mathematically measurable using full percentage points....they will be built by others and look different, cost different, and most certainly have an extended and practical range on electric alone.

      Just because there is a IC engine on board that can charge the batteries for range beyond 19-30 miles does not change the fact that VOLT has FAILED as an electric car.

      Says who? No just me...The 300 plus million Americans who have collectively turned their back on this car with gasoline at $5.00 and more. Now that we are back to the sane price at $3.00 and can kiss your electrified dreams good bye for a while!

    • Yaaaaa.......and that includes developing for the future. In the 80s they didn't do that and got their clocks cleaned by the Japanese. Took them decades to get a profitable small car.

      The Volt is NOT a science project. As a car salesman I thought you could recognize a mule build or alpha build compared to a fully validated production vehicle...guess not.

      Hey speaking of validation...where are all the volt fires that were predicted? The exploding batteries? Hmmmmmm....was that overblown by FOX?

    • Your fake outrage is hilarious.!!!

      <<<I don't care if one dealer has one or none >>>

      ...really, yet you say they lie. The article has nothing to do with your strawman usual. It's about a marketing strategy to sell more volts in the number one state by exploiting HOV exemptions.

      Inventories, shortages, whatever is only mentioned by you...but you subject line...VOLT just in your twisted mind.

    • I don't care if one dealer has one or none. They had 777 VOLTS as of yesterday just in the state of California.
      BTW. Today they have 793 available.

      They only registered 837 sales in the entire quarter. That does not sound like a shortage of VOLTS by any stretch of the imagination.

      Are you going to keep this charade up until the end of the year and THEN admit defeat?

      The car is struggling to put mildly.

      It sucks in marketing and sales. You can keep on parsing what "Mikey said", as if that is going to make a bit of difference where this car goes from here.

      They are trailing by almost 20,000 sales for this time of the year for the first half of the year if they are going to get to 60,000. And what do you do? Nit pick whatever you think is easy to pick on.

      Grow up and admit you have been chasing a ghost all this time.
      If you want to be on the HOV lane so you can get to work 7 minutes faster.....Buy a Bus! Probably will have a better resale value.

    • DELILLO has no Volts.

      Guaranty has 3 Volts.


    • Selman has 8 VOLTS. Maybe they are all demos; right, jeye?


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