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  • thsykes14 thsykes14 Aug 1, 2012 11:08 AM Flag

    Resigned? Yeah right.

    FYG......I mentioned Flat know......that nice little tax Republicans speak about....but not very often. Why don't they often speak of it? Because they now buy into the phony line that the uber wealthy will trickle down their wealth. The uber wealthy and corporates want a flat tax/no deduction system as much as they want a hole in the head. They are NOT trickling anything, they are hoarding like scared little bunnies........

    I want the flat tax coopted by democrats, but democrats too, do not see that wealthy and poor alike, continue to soak the remainder of society. But I DO hold the corporates accountable for a great deal. They KNOW better. We all do. We need heroes not sniveling excuse makers.

    I understand economics. I do quite fine, thank you. Our corporates were rewarded for offshoring because we too often speak of FREE trade, in the place of FAIR trade. Having one hyundai factory in a country that imports 500,000 vehicles a year is a disgrace! Especially when they RIOT over a free trade policy until the North Korean bombs went off over their head.............then they need Big Daddy to save them ..............AGAIN. Not

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