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  • thsykes14 thsykes14 Aug 8, 2012 11:45 PM Flag

    Forbes says Volt plug in beat Prius plug in!

    Couldn't help myself. the link is here (hope it took, it is june 8)

    The Volt bashing, although humorous in its intensity, is misplaced and your math is for garbage.

    Here are a couple numbers. Imagine 1 million cars each traveling 12,000 miles/year.
    Cars making 30 mpg will use 400 MILLION gallons of gas/year
    Cars making 80 mpg (extremely low estimate of a Volt) will use 150 MILLION gallons of gas/year

    Cost savings of a Volt: 25 BILLION usd of gasoline
    Cost of a Volt subsidy (@ 7,500/car): 7.5 Billion

    A winner for the a mile. Isn't that what all you Volt bashers espouse??? Spend money most efficiently???? That is the math. If you have a problem with it, then you have a political problem. If you have a political problem, take it off this board.

    Oh and by the way, that stimulus multiplier effect is 3.33/1.
    3.33 dollars derived for the economy for every dollar spent.
    That blows away the multiplier of a service worker 0.7:1
    Or even a manufacturing job (though more volts means more manufacturing!!) 1.4/1

    Regarding durability. Just stop already.............really. It will do whatever the prius does, with a better warranty. It will resale at whatever a hybrid battery Prius will have........for sure. Just TOO good to pass up. Yep!

    Whatever right..............??? GO Volt

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