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  • iffydog iffydog Sep 10, 2012 1:25 PM Flag

    If republicans get 4 senate seats


    elephants will control both houses. All bills will go down a black hole. That will be fun for the next 4 years if BoBo gets re-elected. All work down into the sewer! Big union will go nowhere but downhill!

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    • 1. Just who are unions good for? 2. Who are they bad for?
      answers. 1. Big, little, private, gov't unions are all good for the members .
      2. They are bad for the non union people. We are the ones that pay for all of the union benefits through higher prices and much higher taxes.
      It is time for the non union person to realize he lowers his standard of living when he supports the goals of union. Look at the teachers strike in Chicago. Who do you think will pay for their atrocious benefits?. Non union people must pay a higher real estate tax. Wake up idiots.
      ----I am a retired ex union member and an ex union organizer giving you the facts.

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      • ((((Big, little, private, gov't unions are all good for the members ))))

        Only to the extent that they drive wages higher temporarily. Unfortunately the UAW didn't know when to stop and priced its members out of the market. Then they whine when no one wants their overly expensive cars. Finally their madness puts them out of business.


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