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  • iffydog iffydog Oct 8, 2012 2:57 PM Flag

    wikipedia UAW


    1979 UAW had 1.5 million dues paying members Today 390,000 thousands Union boys type it in and read and weep as Japan plants would never fall under UAW union no matter how hard they tried. Thats why two-thirds of UAW bit the dust. Over half of brands gone Mercury Hummer Olds Pontiac Saturn what do the union boys expect? Selling trashy cars these are just brands no-one wants anymore and you all think GM is getting better. GM cant even pay back the bail-out money? Give the US treasury 55 Billion dollars and you can have your crummy 500 million shares that the feds have! Not a nickle has been paid in 3 years since bail-out. Yes union boys must be proud of a failed company.

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    • jeyebolt2003 Oct 8, 2012 3:13 PM Flag

      Most Americans despise the UAW for its corruption and the way it extorted GM and Chrysler to death. Most Americans know that you don't pay general laborers $29/hour to bolt pieces together. And the crap of paying them to retire is pure fraud. Most retirees are communist stooges that drink wine all day and spew hate towards others.

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      • most retirees have substantial investments in small farms producing wine. mostly small vineyards that don't use sulfates. just a tangent to your "most Americans" spew. sulfates don't cause headaches like union made alcohol crap...

      • That's what happens when you blow smoke up blue collar's s and tell them they are middle class. Pretty soon they believe you, and demand blue middle class wages and benefits. When they are done they are out of a job, and they are no longer middle class or labor class. They are unemployed.
        They decimated themselves, you would think the remaining 350,000 would have learned their lessons and changed course.
        Nope, not this bunch. They would rather go to their own funeral before they come to their senses.

        Good luck to the remaining slugs.

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