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  • fillups481 fillups481 Oct 11, 2012 7:42 AM Flag

    the word around GM , is if you want to save your job future you better vote mitt romney

    mitt will save america and GM

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    • Bull...t! unlike david westgate, gm does not tell their employees how to vote, in either direction. the uaw will endorse a candidate. they are not gm. get your politics off here.

    • At this point there is no reason to believe that. Further, a Republican Congress like the present House would obstruct a Romney Presidency nearly as much as the Obama one unless he flopped back from the Centrist Romney to get elected to the Tea Party Romney for the mob. We don't know who Romney is except that he wants to be President. The most likely assessment of Romney is that he advocates crony capitalism and plutocracy which are proven historic paths to outright failure because that is so far from the capitalism and markets we all know work.

      IMO, an all Republican government would run the US off a cliff again and in such a next time there would be no money for bailouts. A Dem Congress/Obama would be the least negative solution with a Dem Congress/Romney next. A Tea Party/Confederate Republican Congress and Romney would be the beginning of US breakup.

      What is essential is an Amendment to fix the Founding Flaw - no wall between politicians and money. We can't go on as that situation gets worse and worse. US medical care overall and Finance eat a quarter of US GDP which retards recovery and is not sustainable. It's a result of political Pay-To-Play in Washington, not any sort of market outside of Congress. The ROI of spending money in Congress is far more than the real market ever delivers and our capitalism is very corrupted as a result. I hope this paragraph is bipartisan. But there are people on the Right who think that only money should vote. Really.

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