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  • gatorblue3 gatorblue3 Nov 5, 2012 12:34 AM Flag

    500 general and high group of officers military men voting for romney ! that the guys i trust

    They are voting for him because he would rape the American tax payer to bloat up the defense budget to keep the Pentagon in expensive useless toys. B-2 "bomber"...worthless. JointStars...worthless. F-22 fighter...worthless. Fourth generation GPS satellite system...worthless. New generation of delivery systems for 5000 nuclear warheads...WAYYYY WORTHLESS. Clue in the military...WWII and the Cold War are with it.

    Cut military spending by 25% and situate the military for the 21st Century. The American soldier needs protective gear to keep them from harm in an urban environment. Not 5000 ballistic missiles and $7 billion destroyers.

    Hint; There is no such thing as stealth technology. Higher frequency radar systems paint stealth aircraft like a Christmas tree. The military's dirty little secret they are covering up.

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