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  • iffydog iffydog Nov 11, 2012 10:15 AM Flag

    From 5 million USA cars a few years ago


    How many times do I have to tell you this. Dumber than a third grader!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • "... If garbage motors wont revel the real number i cant make one up. Yes dumber than dumb!!!! ... Only inside top brass know!!!!!!!! ..."

      So, are you an inside top brass? You're are talking about "small car fees" of a JOINT VENTURE; then you argue that NO ONE KNOWS it because NO ONE REVEALS it.

      You are smoking crack through your (b)(s) generator? That's what I believe.

    • "... Just call the CEO up and you will hear it from the horses mouth. Factories built by china workers are all china and paid for by china. China keeps the profits. Now Ford and Chrysler are building factories in china with Ford and Chrysler money. Ford and chrysler gets to keep the profits! ..."

      To educate yourself about your "small car fee" claim, I won't suggest you call up the CEO but rather read the 10-Q.

      It's NOT a SMALL car fee that GM gets from the China JV.

      The China JV's will make a whopping ~$1/share of net income for GM in 2012. Read the 10-Q, p. 16.

      "... The following table summarizes information regarding Equity income, net of tax and gain on investments (dollars in millions): ..."

      Three Months Ended ... $ 371 Million
      Nine Months Ended ... $ 1,121 Million

      By year end, this will result in ~$1.5 Billion or ~$1/share of net income in 2012 from the China JV's .

      That's darn good considering the future potential of these China JVs and the fact that GM has a ~14.4% market share, and increasing.

      Over the next years, you may look at $2/share from the China JV's.

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      • "... Over the next years, you may look at $2/share from the China JV's. ..."

        One more comment on GM's China JV potential, which the girliemen on this board try to belittle, quite unsuccessfully though.

        It's common knowledge that the Chinese Yuan is way undervalued against the U.S. Dollar, although the Yuan increased its value by 20% over the past five years. It's reasonable to assume that the Yuan will continue its rise, and this alone will get GM another 20% or more of net income measured in U.S. Dollar over the next few years.

        So, the $2/share from the China JV's alone does not seem unrealistic at all. In addition, at some point, pent-up demand for cars will kick in even in Europe and then $5/shares for the whole componay is NOT unrealistic either.

        Now, with a very conservative multiple of 8, we'd look at a $40 PPS - although I'll sell my last tranche of GM at $36.

    • "... How many times do I have to tell you this. Dumber than a third grader! ..."

      Again, that's not an answer. Provide a source on these "small car fees" or open up your sphincter and shove it up back up.

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