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  • iffydog iffydog Nov 15, 2012 12:00 AM Flag

    33 states want out of Federal Governent


    The elections were fixed!!!! 33 Different states. 25,000 Votes per states is all it takes. Rember this was all it takes back than in 1776!!!! Which state will revolt and say we are the new country.!!!!!! Cashless and clueless!!! Huffman Post is the link!!! AOL website!!!!!! Union boys may lose everything!

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    • I recommend we take every Tea Part Congressman and try them for treason and terrorism. When found guilty we lock them in a secure room and let the Air Force target that room with a cruise missile! Let's take our country back!!

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      • " Let's take our country back!!"

        I thought I heard you did. In fact you had full control for a couple of years and could only pass the worst legislation in the history of the country ironically called the "Affordable Care Act".

        But I agree with you on the Tea Party. Can you imagine?? Those idiots want us to pay our bills as we go. How arcane.

        I want you to do something. Google "List of countries by public debt". Your first choice on the results should be a Wikipedia article. Sort the list by "% of debt (CIA/Eurostat)".

        You will see that the USA is the 13th worst country in the world at 105.1%. That means that the public debt is now more than annual GDP. If we continue to roll up debt at the rate of $1 trillion per year, by 2016 our number will be about 120% (assuming that GDP stays constant, which may be an optimist assumption). Do you remember the crises in Italy, Portugal and Ireland? Guess what, by 2016 we will be worse than them. We will have riots in the streets when government agencies can't make payrolls and pay pensions. But let's worry about it then, right?

        We are quickly becoming a third world country. Terrible.

        I'm willing to bet that you are now thinking that we should follow the President's plan to tax the rich @#$%%^s. If we did exactly what he wants, it would net $82 billion a year vs. the $1.1 trillion deficit. It's like taking a leak in the Atlantic Ocean, less than 8% of the deficit. However, if I were in charge I would just do it and clear away the smoke screen that Obama has constructed to shift the conversation to what it should have been all the time, cost cutting.

        The 47% will be the ones that suffer the most. That's Obama's dirty little secret. For a guy who is supposed to be looking out for the little guy, turns out he's their worst enemy. He can't get the economy moving and as Reagan said "the best social program is a job".

      • If you are truly interested in taking your country back, join the Tea Party because that's what they are working for. Do yourself a favor and bone up on some of the Founding Fathers' ideas, starting with Thomas Jefferson. Just google his ideas and thoughts on governing. And while you're at it, read the Constitution. By the way, your posts don't do much to convince others who read this board that you have any real value to offer.

    • what makes you so nasty?your mommy leave you in your crib all afternoon by yourself with your diaper full of poo?by the way i don`t like your buddy obuma,he`s destroying the wealth and way of living in this country

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