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  • rotacann rotacann Nov 17, 2012 9:19 AM Flag

    Steelworkers union withdraws represntation

    Where I work on Friday November the 9th the USW applied to the Ontario Ministry of Labor to end their representation of the workers who have been on strike since March 6th , 2010. Of the 150 people working when the strike started 95 crossed the picket line leaving 55 on the picket line. The striking workers were told by their union that they would be behind them all the way yet made a deal to end the strike abandoning the workers. The union was paying each striker $400 per week and had spent over $2,000,000 over the course of the 19 month strike. The company had always offered a severance package to each striking workers so they could move on if so desired since so many were long term employees. Apparently after the union walked away the company made arrangements to pay severance.

    After all this bad news the striking workers who were diehard union supporters called into work seeking their positions back but wanted to keep their severance. Company policy was to not take them back. I totally agree I have seen the worst of a union. Sadly when I asked many of the strikers why they went on strike they didn't know why just because the union hall called it. The abandoned workers have a very strong dislike towards union now and they are all bitter. In fact they blame the union for all their troubles not the company.

    I know many posters here are devoted to the union cause but the day of the union has passed they have no power left all due to the global economy. As a Canadian reading this message board I am shocked that posters support Romney who is pro business anti labor and at the same time promote and defend unions. Sorry you can't have it both ways. Romney would have supported business owners at the expense of the labor movment.

    When all the unions are gone America will be able to regain its strength.

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