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  • fry_budgie fry_budgie Nov 22, 2012 1:15 PM Flag

    Would you hire a former union worker who voted to BK their former employer?

    Where I work it is company policy to perform a thorough background check and if the applicant has any major lies in their application then they are automatically tossed aside. And as far as union workers go , well we don't have a union and no one wants one so once HR sees a former union person looking for work they are tossed aside too. We do have few workers that once belonged to unions and they are by far the least productive and cause the most problems due to their socialist attitude towards the workplace. And when they start their union talk about organizing the floor we let the other workers slash tires key paint and place turds in their lunches, the occassional beating takes place but like in prison they slipped on a bar of soap, they don't even apply for workers comp unless they want another beating.

    And would anyone hire a misfit like cashless or jeyehawky or their father jeye?

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    • If I were an employer, I would hope someone from the family or the community would send me to a shrink to determine if I was crazy. Why would anyone want to hire a trouble maker.
      Also, If I were an employer in the process of hiring a person to work out in the public, I would never hire some one that had tattoos on those parts of the body that would be exposed to the public. Some people I have seen with their exposed bady markings, I would hate to meet on a deserted street.
      I have really hated to see the carnival side shows disappear. Many jobs have been lost for the tattoo-ed man and woman.
      I have informed my grand kids, if I see tattoos, they will not be included in my will. A son told his, Granddad means it.

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