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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Nov 23, 2012 1:49 PM Flag

    Minimum Wage advocates

    Many of you advocate raising the minimum wage to $10/hour. How unthinking you are. First the gov't should not be involved in wages. Realistic safety yes, wages no.
    The last time I checked the Bureau of Stats, only 1.7% of American workers work for minimum wage. Most of these are P. T. and youth workers.
    We are complaining now that there are about 26 million people on welfare. Think. If the MW is raised to $10/hr, those people that have been on the job for a while and are making as much as $2.75 above MW almost none will get raises. Therefore all of those people will become the new poor and many will be eligible for welfare. All the people that are on fixed incomes there purchasing power goes down and many of these will be added to the list of poor.
    Many of you also do not believe or understand that the cost of everything in the market goes up. Therefore 'cost of living' is up.
    Politicians advocate raising the MW, Why? It gets them more votes.
    If your are any kind of a thinker you know the above is correct. If you are not a thinker and you believe raising MW to $10/hr is good, then idiotic thinking believes $20/hr is better and WOW a $100/hr is fantastic. Raising MW is a job killer also.
    Think a little.

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