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  • jeyehawky jeyehawky Nov 23, 2012 5:56 PM Flag

    Union household Thanksgiving

    Stacks of discount pizza and gallons of malt along with munchies. Everyone at the diner table is wasted and smells like parmesan cheese. The women look like they have been used for a couple of hours and the men are nearly incoherent. They sing Solidarity Forever instead of saying grace and then chow down the fine meal. The big screen tv is playing an adult movie while they all eat, the kids don't seem to mind the adults in this state since its all they've ever known. After dinner the family goes outside to smoke some dope they bought at work or the union hall. Some of the cousins wander off to the basement to engage in some mutual satisfaction. Later in the evening they burn their credit card bills in the fire vowing to stiff the creditors and get new cards from some other dummy lender. One of the family decides to drive his jacked up monster truck through the neighbors fence trying to run over the barking dog. Then they take turns shooting guns into the air and then pass out so the kids can have their turn with the weapons. Once the family has OD'd or passed out the family dog takes a dump on the new carpet in the living room then rolls in it and then jumps onto the new furniture for a snooze.

    The unions of America are something to behold.

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