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  • rotacann rotacann Dec 2, 2012 1:04 PM Flag

    Question for the board

    Why can't a poster like GM and it's products and dislike the UAW?

    I for one own a GM product and it has been an excellent vehicle. I do not dislike the workers but I strongly dislike the UAW as a corrupt political organization that adds increased costs to the company and those who purchase their products. I am disappointed when a posters attack a post for being anti-UAW.

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    • This is where we can agree 100% regarding "liking GM and their products and disliking the UAW"...

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      • i`ve owned a lot of gm products and like them and have had no real for uaw?????????????????????they do some good but also do some really stupid things like with the hostess drivers not being able to deliver bread and cake,is just stupid and cost everyone was a shame it cost over 18,000 people their jobs.i know hostess didn`t have uaw but they as a union got carried away.
        but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in the same way that wall street,bankers,lawyers,cops, teachers and just about 100% of the u.s. population became a me first mind set?also sorry to tell you import owners,they are now the same way,profits for me first.just look at the millions of recalls?thats not from being a caring customer first like you want to believe.just look at the tocoma`s rust problem?its been happening for years and they finally did the right thing and did a recall.
        all the companies have problems,me,i`ll stick with the u.s. company.jmho

    • Nothing wrong with GM products other than what you pointed out. Prices are increased by union workers and greedy mgt .
      I am not anti-union, I am a retired counselor. You as non union people must know the facts of unions. To date no one has been able to tell me any reason why unions are good for non union people. These are the negative points of unions for all people:
      1. They increase the cost of living
      2. They reduce employment
      3. They increase taxes.
      4. The above now increase the number of poor people.
      5. They increase corruption and violence.
      6. The cause businesses to go over seas.
      These are the things non union people need to realize before they support the goal of unions; higher wages and benefits.
      If the above is incorrect, I would like to see any union official to reject the above.

    • "rotacann"
      Is Government Honest?
      Are CEOs and Board of Directors alway honest?
      Are people like George Soros always honest?
      Is Wall Street Trustful?
      You can't even Trust most Charity where heads make over $Million.
      I hope you don't believe everything you hear or see on TV either

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      • and no I answered your questions and I agree with your last two statements. However you did not answer mine. If you really think that the UAW is honest and keeps the wealthy institutions from picking workers pockets I am disappointed. I do not dislike the people working in the company just the labor organization that have conventions in Vegas and live well off the dues of the workers. A total hypocrisy. The UAW represents far less workers now and the argument that the workers support the company albeit true is a far less number than the millions of non UAW customers. If anything it is the retirees like yourself that should get an employee discount after all your years of service and the working employees would get a lesser reduction. Afterall some worker with 2 years service should not have the same perks as a man who served 30+ years. Just my opinon but being abused for disliking the UAW is pure trash.

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