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  • gregjanetommax gregjanetommax Dec 3, 2012 6:28 PM Flag

    I need a car......looked a Consumers Report for the best GM car and guess what I found


    GM makes junk. The gov. bought gm stock at 53 it now trades at 25 but Obama claims this company is thriving, then claims these cars are all American made but the fact is 1/3 of these cars are made abroad. Taxpayers are left holding the bag after 4 years and still making junk.

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    • I see reality has finally set in. All the wishful thinking (and lies) in the world does not build a quality car. GM and Ford have been touting big improvements since the melt-down/bail-out (Ford did not take U.S. bail-out money), but are still the same companies. I recall Ford claiming higher trade-in value over Toyota; what a bad joke. The ads for Volt are just plain preposterous, and GM has had to amortize the excessive Volt advertising over their whole line. Bottom line is scoreboard. Consumer Reports is the only objective source for such information.

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      • "Consumer Reports is the only objective source for such information"

        LOL!!!! Oh man - that is a good one!


        Sentiment: Buy

      • Yep, all the while Consumer Report gave them a A+
        Sep 26, 2007 – US: 55,000 Camry and ES 350 cars in "all-weather" floor mat recall.[31]
        Nov 02, 2009 – US: 3.8 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles again recalled due to floor mat problem, this time for all driver's side mats.[5]
        Nov 26, 2009 – US: floor mat recall amended to include brake override[4] and increased to 4.2 million vehicles.[citation needed]
        Jan 21, 2010 – US: 2.3 million Toyota vehicles recalled due to faulty accelerator pedals[6] (of those, 2.1 million already involved in floor mat recall).[3]
        Jan 27, 2010 – US: 1.1 million Toyotas added to amended floor mat recall.[32]
        Jan 29, 2010 – Europe, China: 1.8 million Toyotas added to faulty accelerator pedal recall.[7]
        Feb 08, 2010 – Worldwide: 436,000 hybrid vehicles in brake recall following 200 reports of Prius brake glitches.[2]
        Feb 08, 2010 – US: 7,300 MY 2010 Camry vehicles recalled over potential brake tube problems.[33]
        Feb 12, 2010 – US: 8,000 MY 2010 4WD Tacoma pick-up trucks recalled over concerns about possible defective front drive shafts.[34]
        Apr 16, 2010 – US: 600,000 MY 1998–2010 Sienna minivans for possible corrosion of spare tire carrier cable.[35]
        Apr 19, 2010 – World: 21,000 MY 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and 13,000 Lexus GX 460 SUV's recalled to reprogram the stability control system.[36][37]
        Apr 28, 2010 – US: 50,000 MY 2003 Toyota Sequoia recalled to reprogram the stability control system.[38]
        May 21, 2010 – Japan: 4,509, US: 7,000 MY 2010 LS for steering system software update[39]
        July 5, 2010 – World: 270,000 Crown and Lexus models for valve springs with potential production issue.[40]
        July 29, 2010 – US: 412,000 Avalons and LX 470s for replacement of steering column components.[41]
        August 28, 2010 – US & Canada: approximately 1.13 million Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicles produced between 2005 and 2008 for Engine Control Modules (ECM) that may have been improperly manufactured.[42]
        February 8, 2011 – US: NASA and NHTSA inquiry reveals that there were no electronic faults in Toyota cars that would have caused acceleration issues. However, accelerator pedal entrapments remains a problem.[43]
        February 22, 2011 – US: Toyota recalls an additional 2.17 million vehicles for gas pedals that become trapped on floor hardware.[44]

    • what did you expect from government motors

    • beware cap'n! the new malibu is a real piece! car and driver put it after an old yugo in the handling dept.! look out below! falling values!

    • Wow ! You found all that in Consumer Reports ? I say you are a LOW LIFE LYING #$%$ !

    • cobrawolverine Dec 4, 2012 9:06 AM Flag

      Go get yourself a Ford Fusion. A nice midsize car that GM can't compare to. I can't think of a midsize GM car anyone should buy over a Fusion. Looks, style, price. It's all there.

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      • If you drive a ford fusion, the the only girl you're going to get has buck teeth, bad breath and parts her hair in the middle....

      • It is not news. Much of GM stock has been made outside of the US for years. My '02 Monte Carlo SS was made in Canada.
        Keep in mind, a company will mfg its products where ever they can make the most money. Unions, rules, regulations and taxes dictate where a company does business.
        Did you hear how many companies are going to pay their dividend befor 1-1-13 to reduce their taxes? Raising taxes does not guaranttee the gov't gets more money to waste.
        The founder of Costco, a big supporter of BO's tax increase is going to get his dividend before the year end to save about 4 million dollars in taxes. Hypocrite. He just wants everyone else to pay up, but not him. Many of BO's followers are hypocrites.

    • The move underscores the stakes during one of the busiest launch schedules in GM's history. Over the next 12 to 18 months, GM will introduce redesigns of its biggest money makers, including the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups and its four big SUVs.

      "We're very aware of how important this launch is," CEO Dan Akerson told Automotive News last week at GM headquarters, citing the pickups' rollout. "How well we execute is critically important."

      The pickups' launch has been a regular topic at the monthly meetings of GM's executive committee, a team of a dozen top executives. Akerson said GM is reviewing past launches that went flawlessly -- and ones that didn't.

      "We do lessons learned here," he said. Akerson says GM is in "pretty good shape" on its quality metrics for the rollouts.

      "We're locked and loaded with our supply base," he said.

      The product offensive is a chance for GM to answer critics who point to the company's slipping U.S. market share, which through October was 18 percent, vs. 19.8 percent a year earlier, when Japanese brands were hurt by the earthquake and tsunami, and 19 percent in the same period of 2010.

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