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  • mallen1998 mallen1998 Dec 7, 2012 5:50 PM Flag

    Michigan: A Right to Work State

    Could it be the first steps necessary to do away with UAW?
    For years many of us have advocated the need for GM to pack up and leave.. Go places, states and countries where their business wold be welcome. Tenn. Carolina, Alabama and many other states have opened their doors,hearts and pocketbooks for all comers. They have welcome foreign manufacturers, they would certainly extend the same to GM if GM ever wanted to move to those locations.
    Unfortunately GM has too much infrastructure in Michigan, beginning with the corporate offices. It is not as easy as packing up and leaving and walking away from billion Dollars worth of facilities and plants. SO they stay.

    If they can pass a bill to make MI a Right to Work State, I am sure that paves the way for GM to make a play to do away with UAW. That I would like to see.

    If UAW doesn't like that, that is OK too. Many jobless would love to relocate and take those jobs and also take advantage of depressed housing market. It would be a win win for everyone.

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    • Right to work does not do away with unions. It returns the right to an individual not to have to pay into a union unless he want to.
      It is time for someone to start returning some rights back to the individual.

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      • it will kill unions--bottom line.workers should pay union dues --unions support workers

      • Does this mean we don't have to pay Taxes or buy Auto Insurance?

      • Just look at the state that Michigan is in and the decline of Detroit, maybe the unions have just a little to do with the demise of that city. The union is basically another tax everyone has to pay into. The union becomes just as if not more corrupt that the company was before the union was voted in power. If the company had been run in a fair manner before unions came in, the union would have never been needed. What eventually happens the unions hold the company hostage and money that could have been used for research and development is paid to the unions demands and product quality goes down, does this ring a bell. Furthermore the unions are so out of touch, that in the congressional hearings the union leader testified that the union had made concessions to GM and the savings would be realized in 2010, the congresman overseeing the hearing, told the union leader that the company would be bankrupt before those savings would be realized. Also, the GM executives flew to DC on private jets. Kind of reminds you of Dumb and Dumber.

    • Right to work does not do away with unions. It returns a right back to the individual, he does not have to join a union if he doesn't want to.
      What right to work does do is creates violence. Union people are violent. If you don't join their union 'violence may fall on your head'.
      Violence is and has always been an organizing tool of the unions.
      ---anretired ex union organizer.

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      • "Right to work does not do away with unions."
        You said that already. I know what RTWS does or doesn't do. It does create a more business friendly climate and it does make it more difficult for the unions to keep a noose around the workers and the companies.
        In due time unions hopefully go the way of Dodo bird.

    • Best thing is vote your governor out of office---middle class needs unions and fair pay.ill always fight for workers rights, and much greed from republicans.

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      • "Best thing is vote your governor out of office---middle class needs unions and fair pay.ill always fight for workers rights, and unions"

        You do KNOW that labor rights are NOT being taken away, right? The right to collective bargaining, protected under federal law, is NOT being cast away. So, what's your dang beef? If unions truly add "value" to members, and the members are truly being represented, most would be happy to pay dues. Unfortunately, you know it's not all that.

        Just remember a couple of very significant points here. 1) The Michigan voting public shot down Proposal 2 (ammending the Michigan constitution to guarantee collective bargaining and 2) that there are already 23 states that are a right to work state. Michigan will be #24. And there will be more.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Michigan is a barren state because of the unions, new businesses won't come to Michigan until these unions get their power pulled. The taxpayers are still on the hook for about 30 billion dollars, the gov bought millions of shares of gm stock at 33.00/share, the shares are still in the tank. Why should the taxpayer pay for these union people that retire while still in their early 50s and get $4,000/month plus their health care, other people their ages are working and their taxes are going to help support these union workers. The time is comming your gravy train will come to a stop and it won't be soon enough.

    • "If they can pass a bill to make MI a Right to Work State, I am sure that paves the way for GM to make a play to do away with UAW. That I would like to see."

      The bill has passed throught the Michigan House and Senate - it will be on the govenor's desk by Tuesday for signature. The UAW, and other unions, are going to be scrambling to recover from this setback. It all becomes "real" when represented workers invoke their right to NOT pay union dues, for many good reasons, and essentially walk away from the stranglehold that many have had to struggle with.

      All in good time. I'm waiting for "numbers" of how fast workers stop paying dues. That sure the heck won't come from the Unions themselves! I also wonder if unions, at least for awhile, will "claim" those that have stopped paying dues in their ranks as "represented". For example, a union shop where 150 workers are currently represented, suddenly loses 30-40 paying dues. Will the union, because there are still 150 workers in that shop under a contract that was negotiated, still claim all 150 as "theirs"?!?!?!?

      Roll up all the local and their numbers into a region to show that they still represent essentially an unchanged level of members?

      I think the numbers will only come from within the ranks of those who have left. Any ideas on how these numbers will be made visible? I want to see the strength of numbers slowly (but quickly at first) but surely get skinny! And I want those numbers made very visible to the public!

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