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  • m.swanger m.swanger Dec 8, 2012 2:43 PM Flag

    Honda supplies jobs to Mexico


    One way to stop this import maddness is to require them to be built here or a certain percentage of the content built here. This applies to all products. Union labor is not the sole reason for America's mfg. demise--part of it,yes--but we as a country must for our economic survival stop being the worlds' destination of finished goods. A real country looks after its citizens

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    • Sorry m.swanger, I have to disagree. To erect artificial trade barriers is only accelerating the deterioration of our non competitiveness. You can't be for free enterprise only when it suits you. If you are tempted to take the easy way out and put up trade barriers it is a sure sign that you are not competitive and one should change whatever is the cause.

      Europe tried to erect trade barriers around the EU, how's that working for them? And where do you stop? If your automotive industry isn't competitive, what about steel, what about electronics, what about textiles? You can't make yourself an island of trade and expect to maintain the standard of living we enjoy now. We export to much.

      In addition, if we eliminate trade with Japan, Mexico etc., what do you think their reaction will be...they will certainly retaliate and it becomes a vicious cycle.

      I'm not naive, I know that sometimes countries don't exactly act honorably with us. But it is my deep seated conviction that will eventually bring about their downfall. Few see this now, but I believe that Japan is headed for disaster. At this point, we are all concerned about our debt situation. If you compare our national debt vs GDP, it is about 105%. Most of the PIIGS countries (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) are around 125%. Japan is 220%, that is not sustainable. Their willingness to make themselves an exporter only is making them incapable. Their time for reckoning is soon.

    • "One way to stop this import maddness is to require them to be built here or a certain percentage of the content built here."

      Sorry m.swanger, I have to disagree. That will only accelerate the deterioration in our competitive position in my opinion. Free enterprise is always the right road, even when it's working against you. You can't be in favor of free enterprise when you're winning, and say it's a bad thing when you're losing. If you're losing it should serve as a wake up call that somebody else is doing it better than you and that happens to be the case for about 25 years now. Europe tried erecting trade walls around the EU, how's that working for them?

      The true answer to combat imports is to be better than them, in quality, reliability, and cost. Until then, we will continue to fight this war.

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      • wngr, I agree to some extent, but we have to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. I remember reading in 1980 a new Ford Escort that was $4000 here was $40,000 in Japan. The term should be Fair Trade not Free Trade. In the Early 50's my two older brother were in France & Germany helping to rebuild them. Americans paid for that that cost, it has to be built into the products we produce. Just like we have to have Joint ventures in China, so we are showing them how to compete. But they can come over here and buy anything they want. That isn't comparing Apples to Apples. I know you was management and I was labor, but I try to look at things with a open mine. Now American are paying to see that the rest of the world get their flow of oil. What did Korea, Japan and Germany spend on the Korean, Vietnam and the latest wars? That cost is all built into our products. Other countries subsidize their manufactures, we tax ours and make unfair playing field with added rules and laws. Our problems now is we have exported so many good paying jobs we've lost our tax payer base. Romney got beat up for telling the truth. Who gives us Foreign Aid? No matter what you write I never give your posts a thumbs down. The worst thing that can happen is divide and conquer and that is what is happening here with labor.

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