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  • kansanoildude kansanoildude Dec 19, 2012 7:41 PM Flag

    Don't forget, the taxpayers will pay forever for the pensions that were forced on them.

    Just think, you Mr and Mrs Taxpayer will pay forever for the pensions of the retired workers. The very same workers who demanded so much it broke the company and now you get to pay for it, forever.

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    • Every morning they wake up in south Korea at 5 am have breakfast and head off to work where they will do some morning stretching exorcises and work a hard day taking only 30 minutes lunch break. They are proud workers. they will would till they are 65 and retire on a humble pention.

      The GM worker is too hung over from last nights drinking to have a proper breakfast so they roll out of be and grab a cup of coffe at the quicke mart. they show up late for work but its OK the forman clocks everyone in on time because they give him free drugs gifts. Joe GM worker finally shows up at his pos around 10 am. He ponders if there is a way to find a way to get permanent diassability or should he just stick it out 10 more years to qualify for the Tax payer bailed out pension plan. After an hour of work its lunch break and off to the park he goes to drink two 40 oz Colt 45's . he will return to work an hour late but with the help of the forman is clocked back in on time..

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      • Wow, we another loser basher ID on the GM message board. Maybe he should leave if Korea will except him.
        GM -- which has climbed about 34% in 2012 -- scored price-target hikes at Barclays (to $35 from $34) and RBC (to $36 from $35) this morning, on the heels of yesterday's share buyback news. In addition, GM and PSA Peugeot Citroen said they've abandoned plans to team up for a mid-size car program. However, the stock is still plagued by pessimism, as short interest accounts for about 8% of GM's float. It would take almost nine days to unwind these bearish bets, at the equity's average daily trading volume. From a contrarian standpoint, the security could end up reaping the benefits of a short-covering rally down the road.

    • Lawdy, Lawdy, we get to buy them a forever forty!!!!!!! all unions are eventually bailed out by the taxpayer. good job slackers! libs lie, people die!

    • And THAT is what frosts me most. Exactly that!


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