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  • jeyebolt2003 jeyebolt2003 Jan 17, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Find us a $5 Million Dollar Toyota

    Viewership Report FNC 1/17/2013 6:39:53 AM: ...the guys are going to be scooting off in some hot car. we're probably going to give one away to one of us. 60 years ago around the corner from this studio at the waldorf astoria general motors unveiled the first investigative had i corvette. steve: a couple of days ago they unveiled the latest member of the corvette family in detroit. joining us with american sports cars of yesterday and today is corvette chief executive engineer. good morning to you. this is a car, let's look at it. the owner has been offered $5 million for it. this is the exact car that was shown 60 years ago. collecting corvettes is a hobby for some folks. we're actually offering the very first of the next generation cars at bear auction this saturday. we expect collectors to step up and probably buy that piece of history. steve: i'm sorry about brian honking the horn here at the front. let's take a look at the new car. this is completely redesigned. it's the seventh-generation corvette. it only has two parts borrowed from the sixth generation? correct. this is the seventh redesign. we really did it, everything completely over again. we used the latest material, so it's aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber. steve: the only two shared parts from the earlier one was the roof latch and air filter. that's it. everything else is done completely differently with the latest material. this is the fastest standard corvette we've made. we're calling it the corvette sting ray because it's got such great looks, such great technology. it is the most fuel-efficient corvette we've made. brian: what do you think the attraction is? is it all the speed, how it's built? is there something that will always define what a corvette is? two sets, great performance. this car has great luggage room. you can drive it across country. very comfortable. kind of that appeal of the open road. brian: if you have this car and you're a single guy, will you always get the girl? and if you're a girl, you'll always get the guys. steve: what about somebody like me always looking for a mid life crisis car? it's good for any stage in life. my father has one. he loves it. steve: if you do not take more than two people anywhere, this is the car you need. ...

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