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  • iffydog iffydog Jan 24, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

    46% of Volts sales last year were leases.


    Bloomberg news In 2014 there will be a Cadillac Volt Badging the volt as a Cadillac might have given it a quicker start, caddy drivers expect to pay more than chevy owners. Bloomberg Businessweek Jan21-27 This is even hard for me to read. That is why I give you even page number.21 and 22 Is GM smart or stupid?????

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    • I'm a big believer in the electric car, but at this time it is too expensive. If the tax payer wasn't paying a fortune subsidizing it GM would be filing BK again.
      The EC's time would have come naturallyin 15 to 20 years.
      The lithium battery is not the answer. It has too many problems. Just ask Boeing.

    • I doubt that they know what they are doing, but I'm willing to see how things work out. A
      product like the Volt and/or Cadillac hybrid needs a great visionary like Jobs to prove us
      naysayers wrong. (IMO). Many Volt owners are highly satisfied with their Volts. How
      satisfied would they be if they had to pay the whole 40 grand or didn't get a bargain
      basement lease that was enabled by fraudulent, 0% interest and the 7500 dollar
      stipend from the taxpayers?

      There are probably a few rich guys who will see a value in getting to use the car pool
      lanes. But, I doubt that there are many rich guys who have a chip on their shoulders
      for the oil companies. There are some who drink the green cool aid, but I don't think
      there are many.

      My opinion is that the Cadillac hybrid will allow GM to defer pulling the plug on the
      program. Some of these people seem to place an inordinate value on technology.
      My digital camera is a huge improvement over the earlier technology. Do I need a
      high tech yo-yo? I don't think so.

    • 10:06 AM Automakers General Motors (GM +1.2%) could benefit as China's government considers tighter emissions standards on vehicles with smog (twitpic) in Beijing and other major cities bordering on intolerable - not to mention unhealthy - levels. Any action by the government to set vehicles standards would play into the favor of the foreign manufacturers with Chinese automaker well-behind on the technology front.

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